Mission of Divine Mercy
Faith, so that God May Act
 Monastery - Sanctuary - Retreat Center 

God's Plan of Victory

"I will put enmity between you and the Woman,
between your offspring and hers." (Gen. 3:15)
Thus did the Lord speak of me, addressing Himself to the serpent... ...enmity between the Woman and the serpent...between good and evil, between grace and sin.
To walk along my way, there can be no descending to compromise with evil, because this road winds its way only over the terrain of enmity between these two opposed realities. My Son Jesus becomes the sign of this contradiction and has been given to you by the Father for the salvation and the ruin of many.
You are now living in obscure times, because in all kinds of ways an attempt is being made to reach a compromise between God and Satan, between good and evil, between the spirit of Jesus and the spirit of the world.
...Fight against sin and against compromise with the weapon of prayer and suffering. In hiddenness and confidence, in the humble fulfillment of your daily duties, in the perfect imitation of Jesus, and in poverty and contempt for the world and for your own selves, join me in waging this battle each day.
.. .in the end the victory will be solely that of my Son Jesus. He alone is the Victor. The outcome of the great struggle, through which we are living, will be His glorious reign of peace and of goodness, of justice and of holiness, which will be established in the world and will shine forth resplendently in the hearts of all.

A Marian Meditation
From the Marian Movement of Priests
Christmas and Solemnity Masses
Monday Dec.24 --9 PM -- Christmas Vigil Mass (choir)
Tue. Dec. 25 -- 11 AM -- Christmas Day ( no choir)

Mon., Dec 31 -- 9 PM -- Vigil Mass of Mary, Mother of God
Mission Calendar DEC 22- JAN 1

Sat. 22---Mass - 8 AM

Sun. 23---Mass-11 AM--No social at OCC

Mon. 24---Vigil Mass -9 PM--No social

Tue. 25--- Mass-11 AM-- No social
No Public Adoration


Thu. 27---Mass - 10 AM
No Public Adoration
Mission closed, Office open

Fri. 28---Mass-10 AM
No Public Adoration
Mission closed, Office open

Sat. 29 ---Mass-8AM--No Social

Sun.30 ---Mass-11AM--No Social

Mon. 31--Vigil Mass-9PM--No Social

Pray that Our New Child Space Withstands the High Winds!

Fr. John Mary's Homily for Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018

Encounter With Jesus

Jan 24-27 Men - Spanish
Feb. 7-10 Women - English
Feb. 21-24 Women - Spanish
Mar. 7-10 Men - English
Mar. 21-24 Women - English
May 23-26 Women - Spanish
Jun. 6-9 Men - English

Cor Jesu Retreat
May 10-12 Women - Bilingual
June 21-23 Men - Bilingual


In response to requests that we make giving to the Mission easier for people who don't carry cash, we have initiated a new credit card kiosk. It is located at the foot of road to the Chapel.
All donations, large or small are appreciated and put to immediate good use!

The Mission depends entirely on donations in order to carry out our ministry. We do not receive financial support from the Archdiocese.
Please pray to see if God wants you to help support His Mission of Divine Mercy.

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