God's Protection & Provision
Dear Ministry Partners,

It is a joy to give you an update about the CCI ministry of Myanmar once again. We have some classes going on in a few places. However, many people are still displaced to protect themselves from the government backed military coup and their persecution against Christians. This has had a great effect on the CCI ministry in our country. Our team is doing what they can to help people and show the love of Jesus to people. We praise the Lord for His love and generosity upon the daily needs of His people here.
Recently, I had a talk with one CCI graduate who is reaching out to one of the unreached people groups in eastern Myanmar. Most people are still in hiding places from the government military forces. I encouraged him to stand firm in the Lord and in his work for the Lord. I guided him on how to reach people effectively. He often shared meals with his neighbors for months and opened his house to be a refuge. Now this one family has accepted Christ.
He and his wife also help children and provide students with materials in their hiding areas. Pray that a door will be opened to get CCI courses, some stationary, food, medicine, etc. for students and people there.

The pictures below shows a group of students and the other shows how they have Sunday School where they live: very simple, outside the camp while no rain.
Children in refuge area
Sunday School
Thank you so much for your love and financial support.

With many thanks and prayers,
CCI Myanmar National Director
Staff Update
Pastor B and two alumni started churches in western Myanmar. Pray for Pastor B’s family as their children were sick for a week. Please pray for these new churches and the sick children.
Most of the children in Pastor M's village, including his own children, are sick from dengue fever and could not go to school. The political situation there continues strong, and the majority of people are still in hiding. Pray for recovery from dengue fever, and for safety and provision in this village.
All CCI Myanmar staff and their family members are doing well. Pray for continued protection for their health and welfare.

“I am Mr. T, one of the Assistant Coordinators and a Certified Teacher of CCI-Myanmar. At present, I am teaching several Bible Training classes in the southern part of the country.

I am blessed for having attended ten excellent CCI courses. It is such a great platform and experience to study the Word of God systematically. The course process has been simple and accessible. I enjoy and appreciate the work of CCI. I tell all who ask me how great the studies and courses are.

I have been enjoying these lessons, which I have taught. I have a small church and also I have been conducting Inductive Bible Study classes in my church. Here the church members are also being equipped a lot by these courses.

Moreover, I am serving as a trainer in several Bible training places. I need relevant Bible study course materials indeed. I want church pastors and church leaders to gain more biblical knowledge. The CCI materials help us not only to develop our biblical knowledge, but it is suitable for us to grow spiritually.

At first, I thought that these courses could just impact the students’ studies, but I realized later that these courses help me improve the teachers. Thank you so much."
Prayer Requests & Praises

·      Praise the Lord always for His protection and provision.
·      Praise the Lord who enabled Pastor S to start a training class in the east.
·      Pray for Pastor J in south central Myanmar to be able to start a class in July.
·      Pray for pastors who already attended the Teachers’ Training Workshop to find a good time to start training classes.
·      Pray for all of the children; for a quick recovery from dengue fever, safety and provision in Kayah state.
·      Pray for new classes that they may be equipped by the Word and move forward in the Kingdom ministry.
·      There are many children who still have no school as military totally destroyed villages including schools. Pray for the safety and provision of the needs of our children.
·      Pray for pastors who are looking to start classes in their churches.
·      Pray for a great harvest as churches actively share the good news through several ways like giving, donating food, etc. in this time of crisis and many are very receptive to the gospel. Pray that the Kingdom will be expanded and the church will be built up.
·      Please continue to pray that the needs are met of the people in the jungle in Kayah state. Also pray for the safety of the volunteers, pastors and leaders who try to meet all the needs of the people.
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