Clean water for God's thirsty children
God’s Pure Water Renews Our Lives

We Rededicate Ourselves in the Waters of Baptism

Like many water sources around the world, the River Jordan isn’t very clean. We can imagine that even when St. John was baptizing people there, with so many people using it for so many purposes, drinking from the river might not have been wise.

But John scooped up the water and poured it over those who came to him. John’s prayers and their faith turned the water into an instrument of God’s Grace. In those waters, people found a source of renewed life and a commitment to one another.

Today, Easter Sunday, we renew our own baptismal promises. In many churches and faith traditions, water is sprinkled on those assembled to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. We sing and pray with joy, giving thanks that God for the gifts we receive, especially the gift of faith.
We have shared a Lenten journey – praying, fasting, and giving alms – that has led us to this point. That deeper conversation with God and those sacrifices give greater meaning to this day. Our Easter joy is the culmination of our focus on the essentials in our lives.

Your Lenten sacrifices have advanced the mission of Water With Blessings. Through your gifts of prayer and financial contributions, in just these past 40 days, we have been able to provide for the equipping and training of more than 1,650 Water Women.

Together, our Community for Mission is able to help these women transform water from their own contaminated sources into streams of safe, healthy water for God’s thirsty children.

Today we rededicate ourselves to this work, and thank God for blessing all of us.
The Water With Blessings office will be closed tomorrow, April 5, in observance of Easter Monday. Happy Easter To All!
Because of your generosity, we’re going to need a whole lot more of those buckets…

We have been overwhelmed by the commitment of our Community in Mission during our Lenten Journey. We haven’t totaled it all up yet, but at last count more than $125,000 had been given for the equipping and training of new Water Women. That means more than 6,500 families soon will be drinking clean water.

The word philanthropy gets used so much, we forget its root meaning. Today, to many people, it just means giving money away. But originally it meant love of humankind, and later became synonymous with ‘Caritas,’ or selfless love.

The Water With Blessings Community is bound up in that selfless love. Its final expression is the Water Woman working to provide clean water to her neighbors. But the initial action is your prayerful support.

Please consider changing another woman’s life – and by extension the lives of several others. One gift of $75 provides the bucket, filter, and training for one new Water Woman.

Or you can join our growing list of monthly sustainers by clicking the link below. By giving $12.50 each month, you can sponsor two new Water Women each year. We will send you information on where the Water Women live, and the impact your gift is making.
On behalf of those whom you will help, we ask God to bless you for your generosity.
Mother's Day Will Be Here Before You Know It!
A Special Thank You to
Sr. Judy Morris, OP
As we celebrate Easter, we want to send a special note of gratitude to Sr. Judy Morris, OP, who guided our Lenten journey. Her daily meditations on the Good News of God’s love helped bring us closer to God, and one another.

As Sr. Judy reminded us again and again, we can’t follow Jesus without action. We listen to Him, we ponder His word, but then we have to walk with Him, even when the path is hard to follow…especially when it’s hard.

Thank you, Sr. Judy, also for reminding us that the greatest commandments are loving God with everything we are and have, and loving our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. Through our sometimes difficult journey, you have kept us focused on the words of light and life that shine brightest today, Easter Sunday.
Philanthropy in Action on This Week’s Coffee Chat...
We welcome back to Coffee Chat our great friend Bill McGraw, owner of Quality Home Products of Texas, a supplier of water filtration system. As you may remember, Bill’s company sets its charitable goals first, then sets sales goals to support the charities.

For every water filtration system they sell, Quality Home Products underwrites a Water Woman. In addition, Bill has been a great help in our response to the hurricane crisis in Honduras. He will be talking about all of that this coming Friday.

But most of all, Bill is a motivator. Every time we talk to him, we get re-energized for our Mission. We think he’ll have the same effect on you.

So please join us for this exciting Coffee Chat. We will gather virtually at Noon Eastern Time, this Friday, April 9. We look forward to seeing you then.
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We are a part of the Kroger Community Rewards program. You can link your Kroger Plus account to the Community Rewards program. A percentage from each purchase will go towards a quarterly donation made to Water With Blessings.

Last quarter, we received enough to underwrite the equipment and training for one new Water Woman. That means four families and their children drinking clean water. As good as that is, we hope we can do better the rest of the year. Please consider enrolling today.

Remember that participation requires annual re-enrollment by all enrolled supporters. Please re-enroll if you haven't already done so.
How does it work?
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  • Once setup is complete, you’ll see Water With Blessings on your account summary page beneath “Community Rewards”
Thank you again for your support!
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Once again, we are pleased to welcome new members of the Water With Blessings community for mission, some of whom have already invested in training and equipping new Water Women.

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We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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