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Fish for Life & The Barnabas Group
It is a beautiful sunny day in Dana Point, and the red carpet is being rolled out for the arrival of several VIPs.  There is a sense of excitement in the air, as all of the anticipation has led up to this very moment.  The cars begin to pull-up at the curbside, and out gets Emily (pictured above).  Emily is not a movie star or a celebrity, but today she will be treated like one!  Emily suffers from limb reduction defect on both of her arms, but thanks to Fish for Life, Emily will enjoy VIP treatment as she departs for an afternoon at sea.

Fish for Life is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of special needs and handicap individuals.  Their ministry provides complimentary half-day fishing trips at sea for those for whom such outings would normally be unfeasible due to physical and mental limitations.  From a red carpet arrival to food servers, every detail is planned to ensure that each child feels significant and truly "special."

Members of The Barnabas Group ("TBG") met with the founder of Fish for Life, Jim Holden, and were moved by the work that his organization is doing.  Jim Holden stated the following about their meeting, and TBG's subsequent follow-up: 

" After an initial coffee meeting, TBG wasted no time putting together a SWOT team to help me define areas of my mission that need improvement.  The advice offered gave me specific ideas on how to improve the existing business plan to more effectively describe the impact of my God given mission."

Several members of TBG have also come alongside Fish for Life, and are pouring out God's love on His beautiful children.  If you would like to partner with Fish for Life, or learn more about their ministry, please visit  

Tony Witt
Parent Testimonial    
"Thank you for loving on Josh and I today.  The entire experience was a blessing.  We felt completely honored, not only as guests, but as part of the family. 

All of the volunteers had a beautiful heart for the kids and parents.  We loved the prayers, and that God has worked through Fish for Life to glorify Him through this ministry. 

The red carpet entry was so exciting, the special speakers brought perspective, and the morning music was entertaining.  The t-shirts are also beautiful, and will be worn with pride and great memories. However, what really made Josh feel extra special was the trophy. 

The fishing was very good as well, and we actually caught some fish!  Josh was so excited by everyone's catches, and loved reeling his own fish in! 

Most of all there was lots of Godly love and smiles."
Jeremiah Whitt & Kandis Heckler  
Parent Testimonial  
"Words can never express our sincerest appreciation for the amazing Fish for Life event last Saturday in Chicago.  You made not only our day, but our life! 

The event was well organized, well executed, and fun.  The volunteers were all very pleasant, and gave so much of themselves.  We were blessed by the entire event.

Thank you for sharing your heart of gold with the rest of the world.  The Lord has great plans for this organization. Again, thank you very much."
  Earl Bentanc ourt
Parent Testimonial    
"As my wife mentioned in her previous e-mail, Elias and I had a GREAT time, and want to thank you and your volunteers from the bottom of our hearts.   This is truly one of the greatest experiences a special needs child could have in their lifetime.

From the pre-boarding announcements, red carpet, size of boat, prayer before heading to sea, the experienced loving and caring volunteers, Fish for Life shirts, snacks, lunch & drinks -- everything was amazing!

We have been fortunate to take Elias on other organized outings involving special needs children, but this by far was FIRST CLASS.  I wish you, your family and team continued success with expanding this program.  It was truly a magical day!
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