As Easter draws ever closer, the anticipation of Christ's resurrection grows and grows. All around the world Christians wait and prepare to celebrate the joy of His rising. Through you, and others like you, Catholic World Mission is able to help grow His church through evangelization, spread His love through corporal works of mercy, and share His dignity through education. Thank you for all that you  enable us to do  with our mission partners and the whole Catholic World Mission family. Read about our most recent happenings today and see how you have changed the world this Lent:

Historic Moment for Cuba
At the request of several Catholic Bishops, we have the amazing chance to spread the faith in a country hungry for Christ's presence - all because Cuba has opened its doors at last. Join us  in this incredible opportunity to ignite the Spirit by spreading the faith and evangelizing thousands of people today. Read here now.
Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters!

Your prayers are greatly needed at this time! Our missions in Cameroon and DR Congo are in trying times. This situation has forced many children to temporarily stop attending school in Cameroon and even hide in the jungle away from the orphanage in the Congo. We need your prayers to storm heaven for these difficult and desperate times our brothers and sisters are facing. Read about the need for your prayers today.
Grave Digging for Christ

The Corporal Works of Mercy are an integral part of our faith handed to us by Christ himself. These men in Mexico have taken up this important challenge to meet a dire need in their community - and spread the love and message of Christ at the same time! Take time now to read about their amazing work for their people.
Thank you!

It is your support that makes our mission of globally building the Kingdom of God possible


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Praying for you is part of our mission - whether you send in y our prayer intentions by mail, online, over the phone or by e-mail we will lift you up in prayer. We reserve a special time each week to ask God to bless you abundantly.


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