From the Desk of Johnnette...

God works through you.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Friend,, as you probably know from our previous emails, we are asking for your financial help to make it through the financially dry summer months. Donations and sales are down for a variety of reasons and if past trends are accurate, they won’t pick up again until well into September.  

Many of you have responded to our appeal and we are truly grateful for your generous support. If you have not had a chance to respond, we still need your help to avert a financial crisis that will seriously hamper the efforts of Living His Life Abundantly / Women of Grace® and our mission to "transform the world." 
I know that many of you are feeling the pinch of our current economic situation but the mission of Women of Grace, this mission that belongs to God and you, is a mission that must go on. 

I trust God to provide for our needs because this is HIS apostolate. And He continues to stretch and increase our outreach despite our shortfalls. 

But, God works through His disciples, He works through you, and it is with that trust I have in Him, that I come to you in this desperate time of financial need and ask in His name for your help.

There are many critical projects in progress. But manpower and my personal dedication is just not enough. It requires the partnership of you and me together. You'd be amazed at how the Holy Spirit is changing lives just about everywhere through our ministry outreaches and you are part of these efforts and successes.

I have very little time to raise the funds needed. Can you make a donation today for $100, $250, $500 or maybe $1000? If only 20 people could make a sacrificial gift of $1000 an impending crisis would be averted instantly.

If you are unable to make that kind of a sacrificial gift, would you be able to make a gift of $50 or even $25 right away? I pray that you will help in any way possible.

The enemies of God and our mission would love to cripple us through our finances, but I am trusting in Him and generous donors like you to assist me. If you believe in the work we do, I'm counting on you to be generous. 

If the Lord has blessed you financially, I'm praying that you'll consider making a heroic sacrifice of $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or even more right away. Would that be possible?

Gifts of any amount are always gratefully accepted. Could you consider giving $100, $250 or more?

Please make your gift today and please join me in praying that the Lord will inspire His followers to provide for our needs through the summer - for His greater glory. I have no one else to turn to and the need is urgent.
As always, I continue to pray for you and your loved ones. I keep you tucked in my daily rosary and Fr. Michael Oringa remembers you in his masses for our intentions. 

I promise I'll use your gift to do as much good for the Lord and His Church as I possibly can. Please send your gift today. 

May the abundant life of Jesus Christ be yours.
In His service,
Johnnette Benkovic Williams
Founder and President

P.S. I would be abundantly grateful for your donation today by clicking here.

P.P.S. As a token of my appreciation for your gift, I will send you links to our wonderful Women of Grace television series, "Mary Queen of Militants" with Susan Brinkmann, OCDS.
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