Great First Day...
gone in 6 months
Going Beyond First Impressions

Jill's first day on the job was great.

She went through orientation and everyone made her feel so welcome - she just knew she was going to LOVE it there.

She met with all the key execs in each department, got the full tour of the facility, went to lunch with her new boss and teammates, and couldn't wait to dive into her new assignments.

When she QUIT a few months later, her coworkers were shocked!

The sad part is, this is more common than you may think. In fact, nearly half of all hourly workers leave their job in the first six months.

If your onboarding process doesn't extend much farther than orientation, your new employees may quickly fall out of love with your company.

The good news is, with the right onboarding program you can establish a clear path for them to become a confident, contributing, happy employee for years to come.

Alternative HR can HELP!

We can assist you in creating an onboarding program that optimizes employee retention. This will help you integrate your new employee and set the stage for building long-term relationships, inspiring loyalty and improving retention.
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