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 I will be speaking with Marisa Ferraro of Sardinia about the
Beautiful Project called
Earth Child House

Link to Earth Child House Project in Sardinia

Listen to the Music of "Madre Terra," (Mother Earth)
created and performed by internationally known Sardinian artists

"... Imagine a world, in which people respect and understand their true relationship to Nature."

Such a place is being created, on the island of Sardinia, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Politicians, doctors, community leaders, musicians and volunteers are working together to make this Beautiful project a reality. 
The "vision" of the EARTH CHILD HOUSE - SA DOMO DE SOS DOMO PITZINNOS DE SA TERRA was born in September 2010, on the island of Sardinia in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  During a meeting celebrating Mother Earth, Francesca Manca, school teacher, promoter of local literature and poetry and former mayor of the village of Santulussurgiu, expressed the desire to build a protected natural environment where children who are going through a serious health challenge, along with their parents, could experience a precious time together.  In September of 2011 a proposal was presented to the Sardinian Autonomous Regional Government to apply for a regional grant program.

On March 31 2012 was officially founded the Non Profit Association "Earth Child House - Sa Domo De Sos Pitzinnos De Sa Terra"

Cycles of life and death, the change of seasons and renewal, provide rhythms, that can bring us closer to understanding our connection to Life. Children who are challenged by serious and terminal illness, and their families, suffer tremendous stress and sorrow. Every effort needs to be made to enhance a sense of well-being in the child and their main guardians. What if parents had the possibility to be with their daughter or son in a peaceful garden of Beauty for one or two weeks? What if they were given that special space and time, to reconnect to each other and Mother Earth? The Earth Child House Association has dedicated itself to create a protected natural environment for critically and terminally ill children, inside a specially designed greenhouse dome. A small jungle with plants, birds, fish, little creeks and fountains form a biosphere, full of natural light and the sounds of life. Mothers and fathers can stay with their children in comfortable rooms, that are connected to the biosphere.
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