Up-sizing! When Your Shell's Too Tight

Finally! The up-sizing post I've been promising.

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Is Your Shell Too Tight? It's Time to Up-Size!
To Expand or Not to Expand?

Do you want a bigger home? Do you need more space?
These are very different questions, although they’re obviously related. The circumstances giving rise to one situation can give rise to the other, and vice versa.
Living in a smaller house can be satisfying but, sometimes, you just need more. And, if you need it, you're going to want it.
So, let's assume that you’re looking to up-size because you need more space. That’s “need” in the sense that the restrictions upon your lifestyle, peace of mind, harmony in relationships, and what the Japanese would call “ wa” in your home dictate that more space is required. 
We – that is, pretty much anyone who would read a real estate newsletter in the first place – are fortunate to have the opportunity to make changes so that we can love where we live. If you have read past issues of this newsletter or followed the With the Barretts blog, you know I steadfastly believe that we should do so.
By the way, I’m also assuming that you already own your home and that your plan is to sell one (or keep it as investment property) and buy another. If you’re a first-time home buyer, well, that’s a completely different story and the subject of at least one newsletter all to itself.
What, Exactly , Do You Need?
The first step in up-sizing is planning. What needs do you want (see what I did there?) to accommodate now, and what is the future likely to bring? 
Most people don’t want to move every couple of years (unlike my husband and me; we’ve never lived anywhere longer than thirty months or so). Moving, after all, is hard. 
So, it’s a good idea to not simply react - say, to a lack of a full-sized laundry room - and buy a bigger house that likely still will not have enough bedrooms or living areas after a few more months.

Most Often, It’s for a Growing Family
By far the most common reason for up-sizing is the actual or prospective addition of little people. It makes sense to anticipate the full (planned) compliment of kiddos, rather than switch houses with each addition.
Maybe you should look at a four-bedroom home, rather than only the three-bedroom variety.
Need a home office? Is having an entertainment area important to you? Perhaps two living areas rather than just one would meet the requirement.
Would you find it more peaceful to separate the kids’ play area by putting it on a different level? Then a two-story place, or one of those rare-in-Texas homes with a finished basement is what you should look for.
Seeking more room for entertaining? Formal dining or informal parties? Well ...
Inside and Out

Don’t forget about the exterior areas. It could be that a bit of room outside for a garden or the ever-popular swimming pool are the therapeutic opportunities you need.

Exterior spaces can effectively add square footage to a home, so pay attention to decks, patios, and porches.

If, for instance, you entertain quite a bit and that’s one of the motivating factors for seeking more space, these outside features might give you the flexibility you require.

Be mindful, however, that with more house comes more expense – not only for mortgage and taxes but also for utilities and upkeep. I can get you the utility history figures for homes you're considering. Budget carefully.
If your needs make you want to up-size and you're in a financial position to do so - don’t hesitate. With the heavy summer selling season approaching, the sooner we start hunting for the right home, the sooner you can really
Love Where You Live!

Debra’s experience in home renovation, staging, styling, and redesign sets her apart from the crowd in the Fort Worth area real estate market.

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Debra doesn't just listen - she empathizes.
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