March, 2021

This month we are featuring the Region of Japan.

The current National Responsible is Kiyoshi Hirata. He writes about the impact of the Covid pandemic on the progress of Marianist work in his country. As he reflects about what he has learned, I believe many countries have had similar experiences as well.

These shared reflections help us learn from each other and move forward, one step at a time. Sometimes the best response to meeting obstacles is to follow Chaminade's "brook metaphor"--slow down, go broader & deeper, until you can overflow the obstacle and get back to action again.

Another learning experience that has been fun for me & my community has been meeting with another MLC to discuss what we have been learning in the Year of Shared Discernment Modules. My Harvest Prayer MLC meets with the Cleveland MLC every other month over Zoom. We have truly enjoyed the sharing and relationship building that has occurred. It has strengthened our connection to the broader Marianist Family!

Please be sure to complete the survey questions at the end of each module. Your responses will give us input for our next MLC-NA Strategic Plan!

Have a Blessed Easter Season!

Learning from each other in the Marianist Family,


Marceta Fleming Reilly