Going Forward from GC19
Rev. Eddie Rivera, NMAC GC19 Delegation Chair
Dear Brothers and Sisters of our beloved New Mexico Conference:

As the 2019 General Conference has adopted the Traditional Plan, I believe we are about to enter a new reality in the history of our denomination.I don't believe we are going back to what it was before. For some, the pathway is clear now. Others are seeking the next step, but for many, their future is uncertain. In the midst of these various experiences, this is what I know: No church plan has the power to move the church forward. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. Our best church plans will always pale in comparison with the very presence and power of God's Spirit. Jesus gave birth to the church through the Holy Spirit and it is only the Spirit that has the power to move the church forward.

So this is what I ask: Let us pray for the Council of Bishops, so that they can tend to their individual and corporate souls, sooner rather than later. We need their spiritual leadership to lead us into a season of healing and then lead us into the fulfillment of Christ's mission. I call on every pastor and church of our conference to not play the winners and losers game, but tend to our souls so that we can lead our people towards healing and then lead them into a powerful experience of discipleship.

As District Superintendent, I know that I will be dealing with the implications of our decisions as I talk to pastors and churches around the District. But, we are now entering into a new reality, and now, more than ever, we all must depend on the Holy Spirit if we want to move forward on this new pathway. My prayer is that we may experience God's healing and in doing so, we can embrace Christ's mission. Above all, I pray and hope that we can move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.

May the peace of Christ, that surpasses all understanding, abide in our hearts and souls as we enter into uncharted territories. Thank you for your prayerful support offered to us.
Rev. Eduardo (Eddie) Rivera, Chair of the NMAC GC19 Delegation