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 Coming this Labor Day Weekend...
Three Epic Days in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is 
hosting the 
Harbor 20 Family 




Are the sailors of Santa Barbara the world's most fun hosts ? 


Are the skies in Santa Barbara always a perfect cerulean blue ? 


Do the natives dance on the beach while watching lush sunsets ?  


The Harbor 20 community is ready to discover the truth of these rumors. The annual East-West Regatta is hosted by the Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Fleet this year.  


The East-West is the follow on event from last year's North - South Regatta which was 3 days of magic in Santa Barbara. Sailors had fun, but more importantly non-sailors who came along also had a great time.  



Sailors and their friends who joined in on the fun last year will fondly recall the festivities for years to come as lifetime friendships were kindled.   





After Annapolis  graciously hosted the East-West event in 2013, Santa Barbara is returning the favor at this year's event hosted by the Santa Barbara Yacht Club


Santa Barbara sailors are determined to exceed the Annapolis Fleet's hospitality in native Santa Barbara style. 


Jane Watkins announcing the third crew and boat selections last year 
Photo credit: Denise Barnes


Harbor 20 sailors revel in the chance to travel to the Pacific coast to enjoy a weekend of fast sailing, fine wine, and fabulous parties.


For those that may be unfamiliar with Harbor 20  traveling regattas the unique way it works is this; the host fleet invites the traveling fleet to stay at their homes. The host fleet also lends the visiting sailors their Harbor 20s. With no need to de-rig, trailer, and then re-rig one can simply pack an overnight bag along with a housewarming gift.


Harbor 20 traveling regattas are unique affairs among sailboat racing.  The host fleet lends their boats to the visitors. The host fleet also opens up their homes.  


Harbor 20s battling for position after leeward gate rounding. Photo credit: Denise Barnes


Each Harbor 20 has a "third" crew member from the other Fleet that is randomly assigned. At a stroke, the fleets beoame mixed socially. Finally, no skipper from the host fleet is able to sail their own boat. 


This helps to keep the racing fair, since everyone, both hosts and visitors, are sailing unfamiliar boats.


Tight windward mark 
Photo credit: Ken Keiding


Only 3 teams from each fleet are allowed to partake in the racing. All fleets have some strict qualifying rules so only their best sailors participate. Family and friends are coming  along to participate in the fun. 


 Sharon Green, Kelly, and Susan smooth as silk
Photo by Taggart Lee 



Friday Plan - 


While the Santa Barbara Fleet uses Asymmetric spinnakers in their sailing, Newport, Annapolis, and Hilton Head does not. Harbor 20 spinnaker training was therefore a must.


 Dennis Power in his Harbor 25 zooms by the H20 Fleet as he leads the CHRF Fleet 
Photo credit: Kenny Keiding


Upon arriving a dockside spinnaker clinic led by Leslie Deardorf & Jane Watkins, will introduce their guests to Asymmetric spinnaker sailing


Harbor 20   Downwind in Santa Barbara Daysailer
Video - Ann, Sandra, and Greg
Spinnaker Sailing a Harbor 20 


Armed with the theory of hoist, gybe, and douse; the guests will board Harbor 20s for practice. Each boat will have a local expert spinnaker sailor aboard. Everyone will return to the dock confident and ready.


Harbor  20 Spinnaker dock clinic with 
Jane Watkins and Leslie Deardorf

Friday Evening - The highlight of Friday will be a casual welcome party. 


Last year there was a New Orleans themed Dockside party hosted by Al Salazaar, owner of the French Quarter institution,  Deja Vu. 


Deja Vu owner and Harbor 20 Sailors, Al Salazaar welcomes his party guests aboard for an unforgettable night. 
Photo credit: Chanel Salazaar


Deja Vu Resturant in New Orleans, LA

Complete with all the traditional southern favorites, Al's team of Dee, Kelly, and Brian offered southern hospitality along with Legendary Food, Adult Beverages, and Music that had everyone moving. 


Karen Cahill clutching a victory bouquet last year


The Social team in Santa Barbara will provide a Friday event that is even more enjoyable than last year's ! 




Wine will provided by the legendary, Fess Parker Winery, and will be the perfect beverage for these thirsty sailors. 


Great conversations, food and wine


Good times will continue late into the evening. 


Lovely Harbor 20 ladies ready to attend the evening
Photo credit: Chanel Salazaar


Despite the spirited competition expected on Saturday, there will be plenty of mixing between the two fleets.  Perhaps, the mixing, of not only conversations but drinks as well, will be an attempt to get the other fleets' sailors to "over indulge,." a calculated but friendly tactic.


More dockside banter  
Photo credit: Denise Barnes
Saturday Activities -  


In the morning the racers will gather for breakfast on the club porch. The eagerly anticipated boat and team assignments were announced with fanfare.  The "Thirds" will meet their teams for the day.  




The Santa Barbara wind gods will ultimately decide whether give the sailors some extra recovery time from the prior evening's festivities by withholding the wind until late afternoon or providing early breezes. If the wind comes up late, sailors and their guests will remaine on the club porch and socialize while waiting for the wind to build.


Photo credit: Denise Barnes

The wind always come up by the late afternoon in Santa Barbara. 

Tight sailing downwind
Photo credit: Ken Keiding

The race committee in Santa Barbara knows their stuff and is expert in setting up good courses.  Tight racing will be the norm.  




Get ready to discover what the Sportboat with Cupholders is all about ! 

Scott Deardorf from Santa Barbara demonstrates the 
one-handed spinnaker hoist. 
Photo credit: Denise Barnes


Mark roundings are tight and also very Corinthian in Santa Barbara. 


Sailing the wine dark sea
Photo credit: Kenny Keiding

One can expect the fleet standings to be mixed at the end of the first day.  East won last year in Annpolis. West will be gunning for victory in their home waters this year. 


A nice leeward gate approach 
Photo credit: Kenny Keiding


The sailors will easily put their Harbor 20s away after sailing. Active socializing between fleets and boats is the norm in Harbor 20s. 


A dinner will be served. Later, drinks and dancing on the beach.  


Beach ? 




Yes, dancing on the beach ! SBYC sits right on the beach. The natives set up chairs & tables, a bar, and a band on the beach.  It is comfortable and great fun. 



What better way to celebrate the joys of summer than dancing on the sun dappled sand. Kick off your shoes and have some fun Santa Barbara style.  



These Natives know how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Harbor 20 sailors; be prepared to go Native when visiting. 


A gorgeous Pacific coast sunset will be on display to delight the sailors as the evening continues.  



Long after the dinner is finished, laughter and good cheer continue late into the night.


Sunday -  


Sunday will feature another breakfast on the SBYC porch where everyone can enjoy the good cheer before going out on the water. 


Non-sailors can relax or go see the Santa Barbara sights or take in the beauty from the porch. 


Harbor 20 Upwind SantaBarbra Daysailer Racing
Video - Upwind Sailing in Pacific rollers


Sailing in the big wide Pacific swells off the coast will be a welcome challenge for most sailors.   Ann, Sandra, and Greg show how it is done in their video. 



After the races end on Sunday, there will be dinner, drinks, and a trophy ceremony.  There might even be more than the usual storytelling on the porch. 


Harbor 20 on the Porch at Santa Barbara Daysailer
Video; Storytelling on the Porch 


Last year, there was so much good cheer, no one wanted it to end.  In fact, many of the Hosts asked their Newport guests to Stay Another Night  and keep the party going. Fortunately, the next day was Labor Day. The Newporters and the Natives stayed up until the wee hours just plain having fun. 


Photo credit: Denise Barnes


It's clear when Harbor 20 sailors get together , it's going to be epic.


Smiles all around, a weekend of friends and fun.
Photo credit: Denise Barnes



In conclusion...


Santa Barbara welcomes visitors from Annapolis, Hilton Head, and Newport to help cheer on their sailors and soak in the gracious style of Santan Barbara. 


When else are you going to be invited to be part of such a weekend to remember ? 



Anne (Newport), Sharon (Santa Barbara), Ed (Newport) in Wayne's (Santa Barbara) boat getting ready to surf 
Photo: Denise Barnes

If you are interested in joining the fun please contact your fleet captain. 


Last year; the North-South festivities attracted sailors from all over. Everyone wanted to join in the fun. Even Roman Abramovich showed up to watch the Harbor 20s races !  We can't guarantee that Roman will show up again to watch the Harbor 20s, but we can guarantee that everyone will be smiling all weekend !


Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich's 
mega yacht Luna
coming to see the Harbor 20 races 
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