April 15, 2020
If you are looking into a career in the trades, you might be afraid that your career search is on permanent hold...You would be wrong. Now is a great time to research and get going on application processes. Many things have closed, furloughed, or stopped - much of the economy has stopped, much... but not the trades.

In this position you would be responsible for the production of face masks, coverall suits and more.

Frost River was deemed essential to the local hospitals when it recently converted its facility to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to help avert the spread of COVID-19.

This position is located in Saginaw, MN. Approximately 20 miles west of Duluth. Closing date is Friday, April 17. Don't wait!

Saint Ann's is a long term care facility in Downtown Duluth. They are hiring for a variety of positions. They are offering $2/hr hazard pay, as well as bonuses for staff who take extra shifts. They have PPE which all staff are required to use.

Minnesota pulls together in times of need.
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