Dear ,

Sunlight's having a Going Out of Business Sale.

We'll be open for the sale from 2pm until 7pm on Monday, August 6th, through Friday, August 10th.

Merchandise which remains after we close will be discounted by 50% on Monday, 60% on Tuesday, 70% on Wednesday, 80% on Thursday, and 90% on Friday. Please be aware that not all unsold merchandise will be available after August 1st. No purchases may be returned, for any reason, after August 1st.

Some of the props are spoken for in bulk, but what remains will be available at steep discounts reflecting depreciation for use. Those discounts will increase each day in line with the retail merchandise. Please click here to see a price list. Props cannot leave the studio before August 2nd. No props will be held without confirmation in writing from me (Diane) and payment, in full, before August 6th.

Many of the items in the studio will also be for sale; such as the water cooler, coat rack, etc. Please click here to see a price list. These items will go to the first person who pays the asking price, but most can't be taken out of the studio until after August 10th. Pickup of these items will be by appointment only and they must be picked up by Friday, August 17th.

I negotiated the ability to take the bamboo floor with me, as I intended to open another studio. Since that isn't happening, the floor is also for sale. It's tongue and groove, so it isn't nailed or glued down or anything. If you're interested in the floor, please contact me directly to discuss.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks & Namaste,
Diane Davey, Owner
Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga Studio
Studio Phone (leave a message) 973-467-1516
Cell Phone 862-215-2573
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