Going To The Next Level

For the past 10 years, Pacific Landscape Management has participated in an industry Peer Group with five other companies from across the country.  These companies are some of the premiere landscape organizations in the United States including: StayGreen (Santa Clarita, CA), Lawn Maintenance Company (Houston, TX), Emerald Isle (Denver, CO), and DBL (Phoenix, AZ).

The owners from each company meet three times annually, share our organizational and financial plans, and challenge each other to make improvements that will benefit our customers, employees and organizations. The goal of our group is to work together, to support each other, to continue to grow and develop to the "next level".

Every fall we also hold a conference that we call Next Level University, bringing 150 of the managers from the six companies together to share and learn about subjects involving production management, customer service, sales, performance measurements, and personal development.  

This week, 35 of our managers are in Denver CO at this year's event.  Our focus at the event is to develop high performance relationships within our teams and with our customers.

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