Dear friends of Powered by Professionals,
We hope that this email finds you, your family and friends healthy and safe. For the past few months, our team has been strategizing with our non-profit clients about the best ways to continue to fundraise during the pandemic. To help our clients visualize what a virtual event could look like, we decided to create a mock virtual gala video to highlight some of the essential elements needed for a successful and engaging virtual event. Former Real Housewives of NY star and friend of PBP, Heather Thomson lent us a hand as our emcee! Check out the video below, our new website, , and don't forget to scroll down on this email for some helpful tips from our blog on how to plan a virtual event and make it engaging!
Three of our latest blog posts feature various tips on the different elements that you will need to consider when planning a successful virtual event for your non-profit!
Make Your Virtual Event Engaging
If you are looking for ways to make your virtual event focused and engaging, check our blog post full of ways you can keep your audience entertained throughout a virtual evening.

Tech Questions To Ask As You Plan Your Virtual Event
We know that choosing the right tech platform for your virtual event can be an overwhelming process so we made a list of questions you should ask when doing your research.

How To Prepare For A Virtual Event
It's time! You've decided to take your gala virtual and found the right tech platform but what comes after that? This blog post covers your next steps in preparing for a successful virtual event!

Creating A Non-Profit
Every day, people all over the world are inspired to create a charity that will help those in need and change the world for the better. But no matter how noble the cause, starting and sustaining a non-profit are not easy tasks. That’s why we launched and are here to help guide you through the process and set you up for success so you can best serve your community.

PBP is Here to Help
This can be a very trying time for nonprofits and PBP wants to do what it can to help support nonprofits in any way we can! If you are with a non-profit, or thinking of starting one, and want any development advice or a sounding board, contact PBP at and we will set up a 30-minute call at no charge with one of our team members.