February 8, 2019
Going above and beyond for veterans
Susan McAlister (right) with her clients
Susan McAlister recently helped a former Marine and his wife draft their wills as well as their living wills. The clients had originally come to the Help Desk for help. However, the husband fell ill and could not travel. When Susan learned of his status, she went to their house to help them get their will completed, witnessed and notarized! Now the couple will be able to take care of each other as well as their children. Susan said, "The couple was a joy to work with. VLB staff was also helpful in assisting so that I could get the will witnessed and notarized."
Open cases
Please help this client file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He recently lost his job and is unable to continue paying his medical bills that are now past due. He has all of his paperwork and is ready to file. I can help!
Please help these parents get a guardianship over their adult daughter that has autism. The mother wants to be able to communicate with doctors about her daughter's health as well as help her schedule all of the appointments that she needs. I can help!
Please help this 70-year-old grandmother fight a small claims law suit filed by a former landlord. The client and her daughter were renting a house together. When the client's daughter passed away unexpectedly, the client was unable to afford the lease payments. She gave the landlord the 30 day notice required by the lease and moved out. Six months later the landlord filed a suit against her for damages to the home and missing appliances. The client does have receipts for all of the appliances. I can help!
Help Desks
Thanks so much to our wonderful volunteer attorneys who helped at Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham’s Help Desks last week.
Stuart Roberts at the Civil Help Desk

Kathy Collier (Maynard)
Angel Darmer (Carr Allison)
Maura Goodwyn
Julie Goyer
Loring Jones (Jones & Associates)
Priscilla Kelley
Matt McVay
Walker Moss (Carr Allison)
Honza Prchal (Heninger)
Stuart Roberts (Bressler)
Neena Speer
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
(L-R) Preston Martin, Beth Howland, & Lacy Triplett help a client go over the divorce process at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Maura Goodwyn
Ian Green
Melinda Guillaume
Beth Howland (Bressler)
Preston Martin (Bressler)
Susan McAlister
John Milledge
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Veterans expansion & other volunteer opportunities
Walker Moss (Carr Allison) volunteering at the Help Desk
VLB has expanded the Serving Veterans Program and will begin holding Help Desks twice a month at the VA Hospital to assist low-income veterans. The next Veterans Help Desk takes place on February 13th and still has a few slots open. Sign up here.

VLB also has other volunteer opportunities at upcoming Civil and Domestic Relations Help Desks as well as next month's Bankruptcy Help Desk. Click here to sign-up today! 
Remember to follow VLB on Facebook and Twitter and visit our Facebook page to see all the Help Desk happenings and news about civil legal aid. 
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