Winning Buyer Strategies

With so many buyers willing to reduce contingencies or offer all-cash, home buying in the Bay Area has proven to be a daunting experience for many. The highly competitive environment coupled with a dearth of inventory has culminated in a record-shattering surge in home values.

Following are tips to provide a buyer advantage when competing in a multiple-offer situation:

  • Get "pre-underwritten" by a local lender. While this may seem like overkill compared to pre-approval, you're going to have to do this anyway to finalize your loan. Going the extra mile NOW will provide a seller with the increased certainty that your loan will indeed fund.

  • Expand your areas of interest to include adjacent, less trendy areas;

  • Lower your home price search parameters to allow for wiggle-room;

  • You might consider PMI (private mortgage insurance) to allow you to put less than 20% down and more towards covering an appraisal gap. Even with PMI factored in, you may still have a reasonable monthly mortgage payment with today's low interest rates. A savvy mortgage lender will advise if this is feasible with your loan and will match you with the best product for your unique situation. Recall: Buyer's earnest money deposit is a promise to the seller; the down payment, a promise to the lender.

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An exceedingly astute individual recently asked, "What does SP:LP mean?!"

Sale-to-list price ratio reveals how much a property sold for in relation to the asking price, and indicates the ferocity of current conditions and what one can reasonably expect to pay/receive in the prevailing market.

Stay up-to-speed on the facts surrounding YOUR neighborhood by reviewing these metrics monthly:

**SFAR MLS data


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FROM Q2 | 2021
 A cursory glance at Q2/2021 as compared to Q2/2019 and 2018 (for the sake of accuracy) confirms what we already know:

  • 80% of homes listed for sale sold for greater than the list price.
  • Marin and San Mateo counties experienced the most substantial sales increases in the Bay Area, of more than 70% (QoQ).
  • Average days on the market has decreased by one-third (QoQ).
  • Buyers continue to prioritize amenity preferences developed during the pandemic: More space for home offices, classrooms, gyms, entertainment and access to outdoor space.
  • Mortgage rates are expected to remain steady throughout the next several months, and the low cost of capital will enable some buyers to afford a home in the Bay Area,

  • Buyer demand remained robust and a positive outlook prevails, even as pricing escalated to record highs in many neighborhoods, with some households being priced out of the market.
*Rosen Consulting Group panel discussion
**Data sourced from BAREIS MLS


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