October 15, 2019
Krishna R. Veeramah will be continuing his pioneering research into ancient DNA with funding from a $10 million grant awarded by the European Research Council (ERC).
On Friday, September 20th through Saturday the 21st, the 2019 SBUHacks 24-hour hackathon event took place in the Frank Melville Jr., Memorial Library. With more than 375 attendees, the hackathon built on the success of last year’s debut event.
Dr. Chioma Okeoma leads a research team dedicated to improving our understanding of how internal host cell factors can either modulate or promote disease in response to external attack, focusing on HIV and breast cancer. The Okeoma Lab investigates how the host immune system can be a double-edged sword, inhibiting viral infections on the one hand, and promoting tumor development on the other.
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