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March 22-April 4, 2016
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I am on my way to Moldova for a time of ministry through Emmanuel Baptist Church in Beltsy. Pastor Johnny Pike and Preacher Dann Patrick from North Carolina just returned from Moldova, and I have included a few pictures below of their ministries.  My time in Moldova will include preaching in multiple services and also teaching a week long class for men training for ministry. 
Ministry in Moldova
Pastor Costel Cheptea and Family
My dear friend and ministry partner Pastor Costel Cheptea will be hosting, translating, and chauffeuring me around the countryside. Please pray for us!  
Pastor Pike and Preacher Patrick in Moldova
Preaching and Translating
Pastor Costel did an excellent job of translating the message and emotion from the American pastors to his congregation. 
Fellowship with Ministry Men
Pastor Pike and Preacher Patrick each taught a week long class for men who are preparing for ministry. It was a blessing to have these seasoned pastors share God's Word and wisdom. 
Couples Conference
Pastor Pike also lead a marriage conference. 
Easter is upon us. During this time of the year, the people of Moldova greet each other in public with "Christ is risen!" The response is "Christ is risen, indeed." May we know and live in the power of His resurrection.

Because He Lives, 
Pastor Wayne Johnson
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