Artisan Jewelry designed and handmade by Dina
accompanied by a thoughtfully curated collection.
Ahh, Summer!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer and
finding time to chill.
If you are heading to the beach or want to bring the
beach vibe indoors, take a look...
These Turkish Cotton towels are perfect to wrap yourself in,
bring to the beach, or on a picnic.

Cherry Turkish Towel/Wrap
Ivory/Blue Turkish Towel/Wrap
Navy Turkish Towel/Wrap
Flame Turkish Towel/Wrap
Denim Turkish Towel/Wrap
Pink Turkish Towel/Wrap
Cream/Br Turkish Towel/Wrap
Indigo Turkish Towel/Wrap
The Turkish Cotton is handwoven using ancient weaving techniques.
It is lightweight, beautifully soft and highly absorbent.
35” x 70”

Cream/Brown Turkish Towel/Wrap
Large Blanket
Charcoal/Brown Herringbone Large blanket
These large Turkish blankets are soft and cozy. Wrap yourself in one, or just leave it on the couch when you are ready to relax.
60" x 86"
Ivory/Brown Large Blanket
Off White Lines Mud Cloth

Off White Xs Mud Cloth
These are woven mud cloths from Mali, Africa. Great to decorate with as a throw to bring that beach vibe inside!
Enjoy your Summer!
Carpe Diem.
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