So "Luck" Will Follow

Have you ever had that person in your life who has everything go their way? It appears from the outside that they have all the luck in the world. Everything falls into place for them, whether it's a new job, marriage, new home. No matter what, they seem to always have a lucky leprechaun riding on their shoulders.

This can be extremely frustrating when your life hasn't, doesn't, and (you feel) will never resemble that. It seems you are always running uphill, and you can't catch a break.

There are many reasons why your life resembles a hurricane rather than a calm spring day. More than likely, part of this is what your soul asked to experience in this lifetime. It's a good time to remember you are an old soul, and have asked for the "special" experiences this time around. As I encounter these "special" experiences, I ask myself, "What was I thinking?"

Then, I remember. There are some aspects of this for which I do have control! I can live in the flow, instead of continuing to fight the current coming at me. I can turn my boat around and just ride.

The trick is understanding the difference between a "special" experience, and a "stop banging your head against the wall and turn your darn boat around" experience. For the answer, we go to the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records can tell us, is this something I asked to experience for my soul's growth or adventure, or is this something that if I just get into the flow of energy, I can create that "luck" in my life?

Accessing your Akashic Records is much simpler than you might think, too. J.T. has given us the tools to get to our records so they are accessible to everyone. You don't have to have years of training or a degree in Metaphysical Science. He has told me it is part of who we are, and that each of us can benefit from taking a peek into the world of the Akasha!

It's not about "luck." It's about the flow of energy in your life. Below are different ways to better understand this flow, and to get into the flow, to ride the waves of "lucky" energy!

Akashic Records Options

Option 1 - FREE Intro to Akashic Records via Zoom

Join us for a FREE Zoom meeting where you will experience your Akashic Records and meet your Akashic Record Keeper.

When: Monday, March 13th 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

Class Fee: FREE


Option 2 - Akashic Records - In the Flow Session

If you would prefer to have a session done for you to answer questions about how to be in the flow of your life, this session is done via Zoom and is a private session. For more information and to schedule, click the button below!


Option 3 - Schedule Private Training to Access Your Records

We offer private training to learn how to access your Akashic Records and your Akashic Record Keeper! These sessions are via Zoom, and include a follow up call with Sarina to answer questions.


Spring Equinox - March 20, 2023

Spring Meditation MP3

Spring is almost here! Well, at least the Spring Equinox. Regardless of what the weather is doing, the Spring Equinox marks new beginnings. It is the beginning of the season's cycles, and brings new life and new opportunities to all of us.

We will be releasing a Spring Meditation mp3 on 3/20/23 through the J.T.'s Weekly Quotes email list. If you weren't aware, J.T. sends out a weekly quote email each Monday to inspire your week, and the email on 3/20 will also have a special meditation to help you jump into that new life spring can bring to us. If you are not already receiving J.T.'s Weekly Quotes, you can use the button below to sign up. It will only add you to the weekly email, not duplicate any emails you receive already.

Both J.T. and I thank you for being here, and wish you the brightest spring 2023!


The Short Course Series is LIVE!

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The Psychic Learning Center Short Course Series is designed to help you expand your understanding of the Universe, how it works, the tools we have, how to use these tools, and how to fully live in purpose and connection.

These courses each have one module which includes a video instruction, accompanying meditation and course manual. They are designed to be completed in an hour or two, although it is encouraged to use the meditation for one to two weeks. Each course can be purchased separately, or included as part of a Psychic Learning Center Annual Short Course Series Membership. New courses are uploaded once a month to give you time to absorb the information. You can access the information 24/7!

Available Courses and Courses Coming Soon:

Here is the current list of courses either already available or slated to be done this year:

  •    The Basics of Sacred Geometry - Available Now!
  •    Exploring the Merkaba - Available Now!
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  •    Chakras 101 - Coming Soon
  •    Introduction to Crystalline Reiki - Available Now!
  •    Spirit Vacation - Available Now!
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  •    Energy 101 - Coming Soon
  •    Animal Spirit Guides - Coming Soon
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Upcoming Classes

Animals LOVE Reiki

When I first learned how to use Reiki, I would give my son a quick Reiki clearing before he went to bed to help him sleep and get rid of the junk from the day. The moment I sat on the bed, my son's cat, Hugo, would jump on the bed and give me that look, "Me, too, right? You're giving me that good stuff, too, right?" Every single time. Luckily, I have two hands, so one was on my son, and one was on the cat.


In February 2020, I was doing my regular meditation and connecting when my high guides came in and said, "We have something new for you, and you are going to LOVE it!" I'm always a bit apprehensive when they say this, since it might be something my higher self LOVES, but the incarnated Sarina says, "What the hell was I thinking?"

Thankfully, this was a wonderful surprise. They gave me a new Reiki symbol to use in my animal Reiki healing! They said this symbol's specific job is to connect the Reiki practitioner's energy with the animal's energy, so the practitioner's communication with the animal is simpler, clearer and easier to maintain. This is truly a blessing, as many animals who we assist might not understand how to communicate with us, or might have had past traumas with humans, and they don't trust we are there to help. This Animal Reiki symbol helps to calm the animal, and allows the connection between the practitioner's heart chakra, and the animal's chakra that manages animal-human interaction. This chakra is unique to animals, and any healing work we do should always begin at this chakra.

I immediately began to use the new Animal Reiki symbol with my animals and in my Reiki practice, and was amazed with the results. My Reiki Master Guide helped create the Animal Reiki class I now teach so other Reiki practitioners can also experience this connection.

Of course, the Animal Reiki classes below are not required to do Reiki on our furry friends, but learning about the animal chakras and ways to do Animal Reiki sessions that help you have a better interaction with the client can definitely amp up your Animal Reiki healing.

And if you are already an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, we also have an Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certification so you can learn and teach Animal Reiki to others. You do not have to take any Animal Reiki courses prior to taking this class. The only prerequisite is that you are a current teacher.

If you are not yet Reiki certified, join us in our Usui Reiki Levels 1&2 class. Info below!

Please see below for the current Animal Reiki class offerings!

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Level 2 Certification

In this class we learn about animal chakras and how to use Reiki to determine where the animal needs healing. You will receive the Animal Reiki Symbol activation, which assists in connecting with the animal’s energy.

Whether you are taking this class to help others’ animals or your own, our beloved pets give us so much unconditional love. Animal Reiki gives us the opportunity to say, “Thank You!”

1st Class: You receive special animal symbol to connect you with the animal’s energy and learn about animal chakras

2nd class: Review and practice

When: Mondays, April 3rd & 17th 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

Where: Via Zoom

Class Fee: $495 $295

Class fee can be paid in two payments – 1st payment due at class registration, 2nd payment due by 2nd class date.


Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certification

In this class, you will learn how to teach others how to use Reiki on animals. We focus on dogs, cats and horses, however, Reiki can be used on any animal.

The instruction includes:

  • Learning about animal chakras
  • How working with animals differs from their human companions
  • The Animal Reiki Symbol activation
  • Using the Animal Reiki Certification manual
  • Access to all manuals and information to use in your own classes free of charge.
  • Animal Reiki Master Teacher Manual
  • Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

When: Thursdays, May 11th & 18th 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern

Where: Via Zoom

Class Fee: $1295 $495

Usually, this class through other teachers is much more expensive. We want to keep this affordable, and the fee can be broken into 2 payments if needed.


Learn How to Heal Yourself and Others!

Usui Reiki Levels 1&2 via Zoom - No healing experience necessary!

We can all do Reiki. We all have Reiki within us already. This class teaches you how to access the incredible Universal Life Force energy for your own healing, as well as for healing others!

When: Wednesday, March 15th/Thursday, March 16th/Thursday, April 6th

4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

Class Fee: $430 $333

Class fee can be split into two payments, 1st at registration and the 2nd on the first day of class


When: Mondays, April 24th & May 1st 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

Class Fee: $425 $350

registration and the 2nd on the first day of class


Crystalline/Usui Reiki Master Practitioner - ART Level 3

via Zoom

Take your Reiki energy to the next level! This class is for current Usui Reiki Level II practitioners who would like to take their Reiki energy to the Master Level. It will upgrade your healing energy to Crystalline Reiki energy, and you will learn Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART), and the Master Symbol, a very powerful symbol to use in your healing work.

Crystalline Reiki is an incredibly high frequency energy, and brings in the Divine Feminine energy that can enhance your healing work exponentially.

FREE Monthly Zoom Meditations

No Previous Meditation Experience Necessary!

Tuesday, March 7th

Wednesday, April 5th

Thursday, May 4th

Wednesday, June 21st

Monday, July 3rd

Tuesday, August 1st

Wednesday, August 30th

Thursday, September 21st

Monday, November 27th

Wednesday, December 20th

All Meditations via Zoom

4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

Class Fee: FREE


May "Luck" always be in your life, and may the new beginnings of Spring awaken the seeds of opportunity for new adventures!

-J.T. and Sarina

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