The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club, A non-partisan and issue based organization presents:
   "One Day Only"
Wednesday August 14th.
Meet The Leaders of the
Boca Raton Business and Professional Community 
Wed. Aug. 14th. 
11:30 a.m. 
City Fish Market
7940 Glades Rd.
Boca Raton 
$35.00 Including Lunch
 Glades Rd. and the Turnpike
Open To The Public

561 620-8888
Join us to: 
  • Meet Business and Professional leaders From the Boca Raton area
  • Get Leads and Introductions
  • Develop your network - Increase Your sales
  • Gain Opportunities you never knew existed
  • Make an investment in yourself - Invest Your Time In Networking
  • Create and renew Friendships
  • Seek friendly advice
  • Find mentors, be a mentor
  • Introductions Galore
And so much more!
Call or email to get your membership package
561 620-8888