Gold Country Highlights
September 2021
A Word From The Chair
And this time I am in a chair. Spent this week virtually at the Union of BC Municipalities Conference. I actually like the format for voting on Resolutions, every vote gets recorded and there are no questions about the number of votes. Sometimes tech works.
Our communities are no longer threatened by wildfire and with the 4th wave of COVID upon us I plan to get to work on firesmarting and planning on the eventual re-opening of our trails. Mapping and cleaning up trails is going to keep us all busy and ready for more outdoor activities no matter what happens next. Hoping that you all are well and masked up for all our safety.

[Sally Watson]
Executive Directors Message
Greetings from Gold County, BC!

I thought 2020 was an adventure and then along came 2021!
With a few months left of this year the GC team are busily working to finish projects for 21/22 and to start working on plans for 2022 and 2023. Always moving forward! We have been rebooking events that were cancelled last year and this year and are eagerly looking forward to attending the Outdoor Show in March, 2022 in Calgary, GeoWoodstock in Abbotsford in August and HQ in Seattle to promote the Gold Country Geotour and all of the intriguing golden treasures there are to see and do in this multifaceted region we are blessed to live, work and play in!

Have you been to the Painted Chasm just outside of Clinton, BC? This is one of our iconic Gold Country Treasures! Be sure to look for the Gold Country Geocache that is there and learn more about this incredible area and interactive program! Geocaching is a great way to see the region, to learn about the people and communities and is a great family activity. Be sure to know before you go as a few of these caches have sadly been in the recent wildfire activity. When it is safe to do so the fabulous GC Road Crew will be out in about to fix and restock these. Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the date of the next Gold Country Geotour event! Check out the photo above and on our website.

Well, two of our summer staff have gone back to school. They will still be assisting as they have become valued members of the GC Road Crew and Team. Keep an eye open for them as they and there work will be featured in upcoming promotions and marketing products.

[Marcie Down]
First Response Tourism
Know before you go! For updates on road conditions see the Gold Country Road Report on Facebook, and for updates on evacuations, alerts and orders go to The Road Report will be starting up again today!
First Response Tourism - getting the information out to travelers in one source!
Happening In Gold Country
Local Markets
Make sure to adventure out this weekend and check out these amazing local markets! 
Keeping in mind new and changing COVID-19 protocols! 
Welcome to Ashcroft!
Behind the scenes of our latest production. Capturing the beauty, authenticity and the whimsical in #AshcroftBC. #GCRoadCrew
Gold Country Review Mirror
Bear in mind to be beary careful!
#GoldCountryBC has gorgeous beaches to enjoy!
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Remember to take a rest-
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Gold Country: St. Peter the Apostle Church
Log By: nbrendzy
Awesome cache! Beautiful location! What a lovely little church! I wish I could have seen the earlier churches too! I would have been interested in going in to see the interior! Some of the nicest and best preserved buildings in this area are the churches! I've even seen some that have been converted into different types of buildings! I think that doing this is a much better option than letting the buildings disintegrate! Thanks for adding a little bit of adventure to our journey!