June 2019
In Support of our Scholarship Programs…
By Stephanie Young

Being able to give scholarships (for college and to Tech Trek) to deserving women and girls in our county is important to many of us. Currently, our only ways to do that are through the Home Tour fundraiser or direct contributions to the Scholarship Fund. It is noted in our Directory that all members are expected to buy a ticket to the Home Tour. By doing that, you contribute $15 to scholarships and $10 to running our Branch. (Only $16 of our dues comes to us from AAUW to support local branch activities.)
This year only 41 members purchased a Home Tour ticket (as opposed to 52 last year). I am glad to announce that two members contributed a total of $75 to our scholarship fund after the home tour, one that worked the tour and one who was out of town on tour day. That leaves 30+ members who did not contribute to our scholarship programs. If every one of those members contributed $25 directly to our scholarship fund, then we would have more than $600 to add for scholarships.
I challenge all who did not purchase a Home Tour Ticket to do so post-tour, or to send $25 to our scholarship fund. You can do either by sending in a check to our PO Box. If it is marked “Donation” we will deposit that money directly into our Foundation account. If no notation is there, we will assume that you wanted to divide your contribution in the regular percentage of $10 to the Branch and $15 to scholarships.
I thank you all for your dedication to our Amador County AAUW Branch and hope that you will step up and contribute to our activities.
Mailing address: PO Box 611, Sutter Creek CA 95685

Please send any outstanding fun photos of AAUW Amador functions that are hiding in your phone or computer taken over the last 50-Years for our September Celebration of our Branch…

Thank you in advance for helping to document all we have done!

Sandi Baracco, Branch Historian
Needed – Newsletter Editor

We still need a newsletter editor for next year. The newsletter editor sends out a calendar and then a newsletter each month plus periodic other emails. It's a simple job. I will train you to use Constant Contact, which is very easy to use. Please consider supporting the branch in this way. If you would like to volunteer or have questions, please contact Rebecca Wilson at rdiannaw75@icloud.com.
Member Notes
Sunshine Report
Lynne Brumit shared some sunshine with Kate Kramer, Karen Dickerson, Myrna-Kay Robinson and Michele Powell this month. If you know someone who should receive a sunshine card, please contact Lynne Brumit.