IFI Founder Dr. Robert Enright Wins Gold Medal Award

Dr. Robert Enright has accumulated a vast and impressive body of work during his 37-year career studying and scientifically researching forgiveness, forgiveness education, and forgiveness therapy.

That record of discovery and innovation is now being recognized with the 2022 Gold Medal Award for Impact in Psychology. The award acknowledges a psychologist’s body of work that has been "impactful, innovative, and transformational.”

The prestigious award was unveiled this week by the American Psychological Foundation (APF), the grant-making arm of the American Psychological Association (APA)--the largest and oldest organization of doctoral-level psychologists in the US. One of psychology’s highest honors, the award “recognizes a psychologist whose work has had a game-changing impact on the field of psychology,” according to the APF.

Dr. Enright, a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and founder of the International Forgiveness Institute (IFI), joins an exclusive list of exceptional psychological innovators who have received the award. Previous winners include Harvard University social philosopher

B. F. Skinner, the world-renowned psychologist and inventor who developed Applied Behavior Analysis.

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The world's first Agape Love and Forgiveness Conference is just weeks away and a few open seats are still available.

The next three people to register will be the very last participants allowed in due to a strict limit of 160 total attendees. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

This conference has the dual purpose of giving you a chance to explore two vital moral virtues, which are key to our humanity: agape love and forgiveness. 

Agape love is defined as being in service to others for their sake and this can require effort and even at times be painful.

To forgive is to work toward reducing resentment and offering goodness of some kind to those who have not been good to you.

Day One of the conference includes educators from Israel (Hebrew-speaking and Arabic-speaking schools), Northern Ireland (Controlled and Maintained schools), and Taiwan discussing their experiences teaching an agape love and forgiveness curriculum to 5th grade students. Day Two will focus on why teaching forgiveness education to our students is important and how anyone can implement best practices with forgiveness interventions.

The conference is being conducted by the International Forgiveness Institute with funding provided by the John Templeton Foundation. Both days will be in English with simultaneous interpretations in Arabic, Hebrew, and Mandarin.

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A study involving nearly 1,500 grade school  students in 10 countries has determined that Forgiveness Education programs “effectively decrease anger and increase forgiveness among children and adolescents. In addition, forgiveness education interventions have robust effects that remain even after the termination of the program.” 

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The Path to Peace Through Forgiveness

The IFI's venture into the peace movement stretches back to the 1999 Kosovo Conflict when the president of IFI's Board of Directors was part of a successful peace mission to Yugoslavia that freed 3 American captives.

Since then, the IFI has provided staff for a United Nation's "Expert Group" on gender-based violence, accompanied Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor on an awareness campaign of the US, developed peace education initiatives in some of the world's most contentious regions, and established forgiveness education programs in more than 30 countries including Pakistan and Liberia.

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Free How-to-Forgive Resources from the IFI

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