Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District  | March 2017
The Russian River Confluence event is just around the bend...on Friday March 24.
March 2017
The news on your RCD's latest efforts to   conserve and protect our most valued natural resources, support a thriving agricultural community and promote a sustainable local economy. 
Got Runoff? RCD Hosts Stormwater Workshop for Local Residents on March 15th

Wednesday, March 15th, 6-8pm
Apple Blossom School,  700 Watertrough Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Free to the public

How can we make the most of excessive rainfall, protect our soil from erosion, protect our roads from potholes and landslides, and deliver water to our water tables? Join Gold Ridge and Sonoma RCDs and partners, like Harmony Farm Supply and Permaculture Artisans, for a tradeshow-style workshop that explains the practices of good stormwater stewardship. You will have access to experts and information on where to get the tools or help you need. 
We'll cover a suite of projects that store, slow, spread and sink stormwater, including rainwater catchment, permeable paving, rain gardens, earth works, and more.

BONUS! See the practices in action on a tour of water-smart projects at the Permaculture Skills Center, Saturday March 18th 10am-12pm, 2185 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Join us for the Russian River Confluence, which Brings Together New Perspectives, Renewed Energy for Stewarding the River

This is your river, my river, OUR RIVER. And our watershed. What do we love about living in the Russian River watershed, and what is our vision for its future?

March 24th, the community is invited to "confluence" at Shone Farm to discuss and create a vision worth working towards. The Russian River Confluence is a unique event intended to engage the region's stakeholders, encourage storytelling and identify actions to promote a holistic, 'beyond sustainability' approach to the watershed that ensures its resiliency and renewal. Local partners including the regional RCDs, Sonoma County Water Agency, Russian Riverkeeper, Dry Creek Rancheria, and Pepperwood Preserve are hosting.

Please join us. Registration is now open.
Fallen Wood in the Creek

Fallen wood in the creeks provide essential functions to the creek's hydrology and habitat for wildlife. Though there was a long tradition of "creek cleaning" to remove impediments to the creek's flow, we now know that wood and other rough elements are beneficial to the system.

On occasion, there is a need to remove wood to prevent the collapse of the stream bank, flooding, or to reduce damage that occurred at the time of the fall. If you have to remove wood from a creek, follow these instructions for notifying the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. If you removed the wood in an emergency, follow these instructions for notifying DFW within 14 days of removal. Learn more here

Thoughts from the California Climate and Agriculture Summit 2017 

We are feeling inspired by the ideas and action displayed at the California Climate and Agriculture Summit at UC Davis and Capay Valley Farms on February 28 and March 1. We heard from Central Valley farmers who prioritize ecological diversity and make a profit, our national leader in conservation--the NRCS--about its charge on soil health, state organizers lobbying for accessible, abundant and innovative compost facilities, grazers who bring diversity to crop and orchard systems, and wool producers who make carbon-neutral sweaters. The message we heard was that the way forward is through supported collaboration, grower to grower networks, more research, thoughtful policy, and innovative leadership.  Learn more about the event.

Partner News 

Events Just Around the Bend:

Early Bird tickets available for the North Coast Forest Conservation Conference: Growing Resilience in our Forests and Woodlands, June 7-9, at the Santa Rosa Junior College. 

The 5th Annual Faith, Farms, and Food Access Conference will be held March 21, at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley.

Sonoma Biochar Initiative's Conservation Burn/Biochar Workshop has been postponed to March 24th at Circle Bar Ranch. 

Early Bird tickets available for HMI's Whole Farm/Ranch Land Management 2017 course, which starts March 24 at Paicines Ranch in San Benito County.

UCCE's Growing Hops Workshop: Growth and Sustainability will be held March 25 at the SRJC Shone Farm.

Mark Your Calendars: 

April 22 Earth Day March for Science in Santa Rosa to speak up for science-based public decisions that protect our health and our environment.

April 30 Ranch Readiness Day at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds is the only preparedness fair in the Bay Area especially for rural residents, farmers and ranchers, equine facility managers,  boarders and backyard animal owners.

Participate in Research:

Organic Produce Farms Needed for Research Study

Research Opportunity for Mixed Crop-Livestock Farms

Read a recently published paper reporting on research from the Salmon Creek Watershed focused on the survival of salmonids in summer streams

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