March 1,  2016 

In this Communication:
*Green Valley Watershed Update - 
A Community Meeting 
*Bird Watching Tour in Estero Americano
*Rentable Farm Tools
Watershed Updates to the Community
Dutch Bill Creek and Atascadero-Green Valley Creek

Dutch Bill Watershed Update
Wednesday, February 24th,  6:30-8pm
Anderson Hall, 5240 Bohemian HWY, Camp Meeker, CA

Atascadero-Green Valley Watershed Update
Wednesday, March 2nd,  6:30-8pm
Apple Blossom School Multi-Use Room 
700 Watertrough Rd, Sebastopol, CA

Landowners and interested others are welcome to join us in two community meetings to learn about tools to help landowners in these watersheds manage their water.  Presentations will focus on recent efforts to study groundwater and streamflow and the opportunities to increase water security for residents and wildlife.

Presentations include:
"Translating restoration priorities into projects"- John Green, Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District (RCD)
"Update on Green Valley Creek fish populations"- Mariska Obedzinski, UC Cooperative Extension/CA Sea Grant
"Watershed analysis for prioritizing restoration efforts"- Matt O'Connor, O'Connor Environmental, Inc., Consulting Hydrologists

More information, please contact Sierra Cantor ( sierra@goldridgercd.org) or visit the GRRCD website.
Funded by: Sonoma County Water Agency; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Fisheries Restoration Grant Program; Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership.
Flurry of Feathers: Birds of the Estero Americano
Agricultural Heritage Outing
March 26th, 8:30-11:00am
 Valley Ford, CA 94952

Tour private agricultural land to meet the birds and farmers 
that share the Estero Americano.

Join the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District on a walk of the Estero Americano wetlands to view and discuss the incredible birds that thrive in its habitat. Learn how private lands provide wetland habitat, and hear dairyman Steve Moody's perspective on a lifetime of farming in the Estero Americano. We're sure to see many birds of a feather with the help of knowledgeable birding guides as we walk a flat 3 mile course along the wetland edge. We have the great opportunity to even walk a section of private land along the estuary: the 1,500-acre Ielmorini-Moody Dairy, preserved since 2002 by the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District and the Marin Agricultural Land Trust. Sixty-two shorebirds and waterfowl stop in the Estero including grebes, pintails, herons, godwits, snipes, curlews and cormorants.
Bring your binoculars, layered clothing, sun protection and sturdy, waterproof shoes for this energizing outing.  Optional picnic afterwards--bring a lunch!

Please register for this FREE event soon. 
Registration is first-come first-served, and space is limited.


Gold Ridge RCD Rentable Farm Tools Survey
Gold Ridge RCD has heard the interest coming from the agricultural community in developing a library of rentable tools. Gold Ridge RCD would like to support the economic vitality of our local farmers, ranchers and land managers by providing tools for rent at an affordable price. Suggestions on tools we have received thus far have focused on the essential tools that are difficult for individual land managers to afford. We hope this survey will help us identify the community's most in-demand tools.

The Gold Ridge RCD currently  rents out a no-till drill to the community at a rate of $100/day for district landowners and $150/day for folks who live or own property outside the district.

An example of a working tool library, on a smaller scale, is the  Santa Rosa Tool Library, which rents hand and power tools for landscaping, home repair, and automotive work free of charge.

Please complete this survey by March 31, 2016. Your participation is so useful to us in pursuing this new offering to our community.
Thank you.

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