August 18,  2016 

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*No-Till Drill Rental & Yeoman's Plow Service
*Cannabis Grow & Waste Clean-Up
*Russian River Confluence Watershed Tours
*Become a Naturalist
*3rd Annual Farmer Olympics
Rent the RCD's No-Till Drill Seeder 
The RCD owns a large rangeland no-till seed drill which is available for rent at low cost to landowners. The NTD is available for $100/day for residents within the district and $150/day for residents outside of the district. 
Why non-tillage seeding? The practice of conservation tillage contributes substantially to better soil health as compared to the practice of conventional plowing. Most importantly, conservation tillage reduces the impacts of soil erosion - erosion carries away soil, nutrients and organic matter.
Contact William@goldridgercd.org for more information.

Also locally available....
Yeomans Plow and Keyline Services from Permaculture Artisans
The Sebastopol-based landscape design and construction company has a Yoemans Keyline plow available for water management on your land. This subsoiling, non-inversion ripper gently cuts through the thatch and compaction of grasslands.
Why use a Yoemans Keyline plow? Keyline plowing can conserve water and energy resources across your landscape by improving soil permeability, root penetration, and creating minor soil geometry which passively distributes water from the wettest places on a hillside to the driest. The plow is offered as a service, from field layout and machine operation, to complete land mapping, planning and Keyline Geometry Design for your land restoration needs. 
Contact Chris@permacultureartisans.com for more information.

Cannabis Grow & Solid Waste Clean-Up Funding 

Is your agricultural land impacted by the solid waste left behind from a cannabis grow operation or an illegal disposal? The Gold Ridge RCD can try to assist you in receiving a grant for clean-up. Please contact William@goldridgercd.org with information about the waste improperly disposed at your site. 

Eligible properties are zoned for agriculture, and the applicant requesting assistance must not have authorized the dumping of this waste. 

Partner News

Russian River Confluence Events 
Mendocino County Russian River Watershed Tour
August 26, 2016, 9-2pm, Hosted by Land Paths
Come join this free event on August 26th to hear from the dynamic voices of Mendocino County Russian River Watershed. Guest speakers from the Oak Granary, Solar Living Institute, Hopland Research and Extension Center, Mendocino RCD, Fetzer Wines, and other organizations will share their work toward building a healthy and regenerative watershed. 
More information coming.

Working Lands in our Watersheds - Mark West Creek Tour
Aug 27, 2016, 10-1pm, Hosted by Sonoma RCD 
Explore the Mark West Creek that meanders through LandPaths' historic Rancho Mark West and learn about salmon restoration projects underway throughout the Russian River watershed, hear about forestry management, and see firsthand the value of voluntary landowner engagement for the health of our local watersheds.

Become a Certified Naturalist!
Fall 2016 California Certified Naturalist Course
Offered by UCCE, Sonoma Ecology Center and Team Sugarloaf

This 40-hour course is suited to those wanting a chance to learn from credentialed teachers in a hands-on intensive format. Evening classes and weekend field trips are held at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

3rd Annual Farmer Olympics
Sept 17, Noon-7 PM, Petaluma Fairgrounds, 175 Fairgrounds Dr., Petaluma, CA 94952

Start training for the 3rd Annual Farmer Olympics! This interactive festival invites farmers, food-lovers and families alike from all across the state to try their hand at haybale-stacking, wheelbarrow relays, and more. With local food, live music, and dozens of partnering farms and organizations, this annual celebration of sustainable agriculture combines entertainment with education to explore where our food comes from and who grows it. Gold Ridge RCD will be there!

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