July 15,  2016 

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*Outing to Haverton Hill Creamery 
*Rainwater Catchment in Green Valley
*Town Hall Meetings on Cannabis
*Beaver in California

Vamos a Conocer Una Lecheria de Ovejas!
Gold Ridge's First Spanish Language Public Outing
July 16th, 10-1pm
The Gold Ridge RCD is hosting its first Spanish language public outing in the Agricultural Heritage Outings series. We're going to Haverton Hill Creamery, located in Petaluma, CA, to tour and explore the state's largest sheep dairy. We will converse about our shared agricultural heritage, meet the farming family, learn about the sheep, their animal husbandry and the landscape of the dairy. We'll learn how pasteurized milk, ice cream, butter and cheese are produced for sale. Plus, we'll be able to taste the fine foods of this family's labor. It should be a fantastic

Quiere pasar un día estupendo afuera con su familia y comida maravillosa? ¡Acompáñenos en una excursión única y sométase a la belleza e historia de Haverton Hill Creamery, la lechería de ovejas mas grande del estado! ¡Haremos un tour de la lechería y probaremos deliciosa leche de oveja, mantequilla, nieve y socialicemos con la familia Adiego y su manada de 900 ovejas! Este es un evento especial para visitar a un rancho privado. Pagadores de impuestos del Condado de Sonoma como usted han salvado este e otros ranchos de agricultura para siempre. ¡Ahora, usted tiene la oportunidad de ver como ustedha hecho una diferencia!

RCD Expands Rainwater Catchment in Green Valley Creek Watershed

The Green Valley Watershed community gets tooled up for continued drought with rainwater catchment systems.  Gold Ridge RCD and its partners are designing and developing eight roof-to-tank rain catchment systems, at the Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery and at seven rural residential properties. At least three of these systems will be constructed this summer. 

Having an alternative source of water for irrigation, livestock watering, and other necessary outdoor uses is a huge comfort to residents whose water resources are uncertain. These properties will have the benefit of thousands of gallons of rainwater, captured in the rainy season, ready for use in the dry season. Transitioning their summer water-demand from shallow wells and in-stream pumps to winter rainwater means thousands more gallons are left during drier days in the stream for Green Valley Watershed's fish and aquatic ecosystems. Allowing streams to reserve water in the summer also contributes to better hydrology throughout the watershed, with long term benefits to its human residents. 

With additional insight provided by a watershed-wide hydrological analysis   by O'Connor Environmental, Inc., Gold Ridge RCD works to support the Green Valley community in developing tools to better manage their water resources. Projects are funded and supported through the USDA's NRCS, the Coho Partnership, local partners and landowners, the Sonoma County Water Agency, the National Fish and Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Board, the State Coastal Conservancy, and the Department of Water Resources. 

Partner News

Town Hall Meetings on Cannabis
Efren Carrillo will host one of the Sonoma County Town Hall Meetings on Cannabis July 27 th at the Sebastopol Grange.

Beaver in California
The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center publishes a 30-page guide entitled  Beaver in California: Creating a Culture of Stewardship .
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