September 7, 2016 

In this Communication  
*Tour Willow Creek 
*Clean Up the River and Creeks 
*Come Play Soil Games
*Railroad History
Willow Creek Tributary Tour 
Saturday, September 24, 11am-3pm

Join us on Sept 24th, as part of the Russian River Confluence  event, to tour the dynamic Willow Creek watershed. This miraculous place held the Pomo Indians for generations and continues to provide for our precious salmon. Watershed health, local ecology and the checkered history of this incredible watershed will be discussed. Together, we will ruminate on the health of our regional water systems and the partnerships we forge to ensure good health into the future. Hosted by Gold Ridge RCD, Stewards of the Coast and Redwood, and California State Parks. 


Russian River Watershed Clean Up Day
September 17, Various locations
Show the river you love it by cleaning the Russian River and its tributaries. Steward the creek you know best, or join a crew in a place new to you. 

Atascadero Creek Community Clean Up Days
Sundays in September,  8:30am-12pm

Join the Atascadero-Green Valley Watershed Council in their seasonal clean up days. Safety vests, collection bags and picker/grabbers will be provided to volunteers. 

Meeting schedule: 
September 11: Meet at Atascadero Ck on Graton Rd. 
September 18: Meet at Atascadero Ck on Occidental Rd.
September 25:  Meet at Atascadero Ck on Mill Station Rd. 
For more information about getting involved contact 
John Roberts at  707.887.0514 jahiltop@sonic.net, 
or Bob Burke at rtb1234@gmail.com.  

Soil Games at the Farmer Olympics
September 17, 12-7pm, Petaluma Fairgrounds
Hosted by Gold Ridge and Sonoma RCD s, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Farmers Guild

Soil is fun...You've got to admit it! We dig in it, grab handfuls of it, roll in its mud, smell its earthy scent, and enjoy the promise of planting a new seed deep inside.
Come join other soil lovers at this year's Farmer Olympics! Gold Ridge RCD will host a whole zone of soil-related games with our conservation partners to learn from and enjoy the ground we walk on. 
This is just one part of a burgeoning list of games and activities at the Farmer Olympics this year. Come for scarecrow contests, an ugly produce beauty pageant, potato sack races, a farm-hack homemade solutions debut, competitive drip line irrigation challenge, squash bowling, and more.  
See you there!

Partner News

The History of Our Local Railroad
September 17, 10am-12pm, Salmon Creek School 
Hosted by the Bodega Land Trust

Calling all railroad history buffs, and other hikers!  Rick Coates, noted expert on our local railroad history, will lead us on a Walk and Talk about the North Pacific Coast Railroad. This is a unique opportunity to hike privately-owned portions of the old roadbed between Freestone and Occidental. The event includes a visit to the site of the Brown's Canyon Trestle.  
We hope you will be able to join us.

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