June 30,  2016 

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*Outing to Haverton Hill Creamery 
*Visit Our New Website
*Be Fire Wise
*Share Your Story in Agriculture

Vamos a Conocer Una Lecheria de Ovejas!
Gold Ridge's First Spanish Language Public Outing
July 16th, 10-1pm
The Gold Ridge RCD is hosting its first Spanish language public outing in the Agricultural Heritage Outings series. We're going to Haverton Hill Creamery, located in Petaluma, CA, to tour and explore the state's largest sheep dairy. We will converse about our shared agricultural heritage, meet the farming family, learn about the sheep, their animal husbandry and the landscape of the dairy. We'll learn how pasteurized milk, ice cream, butter and cheese are produced for sale.  Plus, we'll be able to taste the fine foods of this family's labor. It should be a fantastic time! 

Visit Our New Website
The Gold Ridge RCD may be 75 years old, but this month our digital presence is brand new! We have re-crafted our website to enhance your experience as you search for tips on at-home stormwater management, best management practices for ranch roads, or access water quality data on a creek near you.  Plus, now you can more easily  register for our public outings.  Please check it out: 

Be Fire-Wise
With last year's fire season ranking as one of the worst on record, fire safety is increasingly on the top of our minds. Now is a terrific time to put those thoughts to action.

Being fire-wise is a matter of both planning and practice. 

Plan: Plan and visually post information on your evacuation plan, your water access and pumps for emergency water use, who your local responder is, and your calendar for maintaining a fire-safe property. 

Practice: Maintaining an actual 100' of defensible space around structures; keep barns and sheds fire safe by properly maintain and housing light fixtures, extension cords, fuels containers, oily rags, hay stacks, wooden palette piles, etc.; create shaded fuel breaks in wooded areas; practice regular fuel reduction management through your woods and fields; mow only when it is cool out; design any property improvements with first responder access in mind, and more. 

Partner News
USFRA Seeks Farming Stories
Apply to be a Face of Farming & Ranching by July 10.

This year, through the Faces of Farming & Ranching program search, the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance is looking for its third class of standout farmers and ranchers who are proud of what they do and strive to be sustainable and technology-driven, eager to share their stories of continuous improvement and are actively involved in sharing those stories in public and on social media to help put a real face on agriculture and shine a light on the heart, personalities and values that are behind today's food.

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