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Biochar Event

When: Wednesday, October 28 ; 10 am - 2:30 pm
Where:  Sonoma Garden Park, 19996 7th Street East (near Denmark Street) in Sonoma.  Click here for a map.

The Sonoma Ecology Center (SEC) and the Sonoma Biochar Initiative are hosting this event.  The event will cover all aspects of using biochar as a soil amendment.  
Biochar is a specialized form of charcoal made at relatively high temperatures in the absence of oxygen (in a process termed "pyrolysis"). Combined with compost or similar nutrients, biochar has been demonstrated to also improve soil health, increase crop yields, and sequester carbon.  
This upcoming SEC event will feature discussions by SEC's team of biochar experts, including summaries of recent field trial results at three local Sonoma farms: Oak Hill Farm near Sonoma, Green String Farm near Petaluma, and Swallow Valley Farm near Valley Ford. The day will include a demonstration using a special "Biochar Kiln" to make biochar from waste wood without visible air emissions. The event will also present SEC's new approach to using a "Conservation
Burn" to eliminate vineyard clippings or forest debris with greatly reduced air emissions by burning the pile from the top, creating usable biochar at the same time.
P lease direct any questions on program content to SEC's Dr. David Morell at (707) 996-0712,  ext. 121. 
Those planning to attend this event are requested to RSVP in advance with SEC's  Frances Waddock at (707) 996-0712, ext. 111; and to plan to bring their own lunch. 
Drinks (ice  tea and water) will be provided by SEC.

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