January 4,  2016 

In this Communication:
*RCD Funding for Small Scale 
Water Storage Projects
*RCD Funding Available for  Wind  Frost Protection
*Community Meeting on Alternatives for Improving
Occidental County Sanitation District 
*Russian River Watershed Workshop Jan 26th 
Funding for Small Scale Water Storage Projects through the Coho Partnership Program
Gold Ridge RCD, in collaboration with the Coho Partnership, is seeking eligible landowners for participation in a voluntary water storage program in Green Valley and Dutch Bill Creek Watersheds.
Residents living in the upper reaches of these creeks who get water directly from the creek or shallow, near-stream wells may be eligible for funds to design and construct water storage systems with the RCD. Storage systems include rainwater catchment, off-channel storage in tanks or ponds, and water use efficiency projects. 
Read more online to find out if your home is in a reach of Green Valley or Dutch Bill Creek served in the Water Reliability Program.

Gold Ridge RCD Seeking Grower Interest in Procuring Wind Machines for Frost Protection
Gold Ridge RCD is seeking grower interest in receiving grant funding assistance to procure wind machines for vineyards located in our District. 
If enough growers express interest, and a willingness to share in the overall project cost (grant programs generally pay for part, but not all of a project), Gold Ridge will develop a competitive grant proposal to pursue funds through emerging programs established by California Proposition 1, such as the California Department of Water Resources Agricultural Water Use Efficiency Grants Program, with funding potentially available as early as 2016.

Read more online.  

Partner News

Community Meeting on Alternatives for Improving
Occidental County Sanitation District 

Hosted by the Sonoma County Water Agency
January 7th 6pm-8pm
Union Hotel in Occidental
3731 Main St, Occidental, CA 95472

The Sonoma County Water Agency, which operates the Occidental County Sanitation District's (District) Wastewater Treatment Facility, is holding a community meeting at 6 p.m., Thursday, January 7 to review sewer plant upgrade alternatives and to discuss the option of trucking the District's effluent to nearby treatment plants.
This meeting is an opportunity for residents to learn about options that will provide cost-effective solutions that help the community, the environment and the economy.

You can read the agenda and other information here.
For more information, contact Ann DuBay 
Ann.Dubay@scwa.ca.gov, (707) 524-8378
Russian River Watershed Workshop
Hosted by the State Water Board 
January 26th 3pm-7pm
North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
Hearings Room
5550 Skylane Boulevard, Suite A
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Here is an opportunity for any interested in in opportunities to improve water supply reliability and restoring fish-bearing streams. Attendees will learn as well about water rights, filling out applications for water rights and streambed alterations; local fisheries; flow enhancement actions under the state Water Action Plan; and funding opportunities for offstream water storage and habitat enhancement. 

For more information, contact Dan Worth, daniel.worth@waterboards.ca.gov, (916) 341-5324
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