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* Creative Drought Solutions - Nov 14
*Camp Meeker Water Release
*Westminster Woods Water Storage
*Rent the No-Till Drill 
*Wool Symposium - Nov 7

Creative Drought Solutions:
Water Storage on a Bodega Ranch
and How It Helps Our Salmon
Agricultural Heritage Series Public Outings
When: Saturday, November 14 ; 1 - 3:30 pm; Level: Easy
Join Gold Ridge RCD in an afternoon exploring the water cycle and one rancher's role in conserving our precious water resources for salmon in Salmon Creek. Our holistic discussion will address how groundwater is connected to surface water, why our salmon are in peril and how we can help, what role agriculture does and can play in conserving water, how rural water storage works, and how land managers can apply for funding to install more wildlife-saving water collection systems. We will walk Salmon Creek to see in-stream improvements to wildlife habitat, such as structural large wood debris, and learn how a 230,000 gallon underground water storage system has brought this rancher peace of mind amidst the fourth year of drought.  We may even see some Salmon!

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Camp Meeker Water Release
Gold Ridge RCD and the Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership have partnered with the Camp Meeker Rec and Park District (CMRPD), Russian River Utility, NOAA and California Fish and Wildlife to improve streamflow in Dutch Bill Creek. Water from CMRPD's well in Monte Rio is now being released into the creek at Alliance Redwoods Camp at the low but impactful rate of 0.1 cubic feet per second to provide much-needed water for juvenile salmon during the ongoing drought. Our staff agrees, the sound of water softly gurgling over the rocks and into Dutch Bill is most therapeutic after months of ceaseless drought.

Westminster Woods Water Storage 

Westminster Woods Camp and Conference Center has partnered with Gold Ridge RCD to make a positive change in the way its grounds are irrigated. The camp, located in the coastal redwood forest of Occidental, CA, will soon irrigate its playing fields with stored spring water, alleviating the need to take water from the salmon-bearing Dutch Bill Creek during the summer/fall dry season. Dutch Bill Creek is prime habitat for coho salmon and steelhead trout, and through the years has received much-needed attention to improving its habitat, with projects such as the  2009 Dutch Bill Dam removal  and very recently, the  Camp Meeker water release . Now, the Westminster Woods water storage project promises to source 175,000 gallons of water per year not from Dutch Bill Creek, but from nearby springs. Water will be collected at a very low rate throughout the winter wet season, stored in large steel tanks, and then used to irrigate the playing fields in the dry season.
Construction of the project is steadily progressing - two rather large concrete pads have been poured, and in just a few weeks water tanks with a total capacity of 175,000 gallons will be assembled on the pads. The camp's existing treatment/filtration system will enable Westminster Woods to treat the stored water for potable use should it be needed as drinking water. This project provides Westminster Woods with a reliable source of water at no cost to the salmon living in the creek.
In exchange for the water storage project, Westminster Woods has agreed to refrain from using water from Dutch Bill Creek for irrigation. With no end to the drought in sight, this will be a vital leg-up for Dutch Bill Creek's sensitive species as they try to make it through the dry season.

No-Till Drill Rental Sign-Ups

Great Plains 606 No-Till Drill


Benefits of using a No-Till Drill:

        • Reduces non point source pollution
        • Reduces soil erosion
        • Protects water quality
        • Helps to build soil structure
        • Reduces soil compaction
        • Provides a permanent soil cover
        • Retains soil moisture
        • Provides cover to microorganisms

Check out this video that compares Long-Term Conventional Tillage vs. No-Tillage Systems.


Cost is $100/day for folks in the Gold Ridge District and $150 for folks outside of the District.


Sign ups are first come, first serve so please call the GRRCD office to make your reservation!  Or if you have any questions, please let us know.


Contact Information:

William Hart

(707) 823-5244 



Please join Fibershed for their fourth annual Fibershed Wool & Fine Fiber Symposium. In addition to hands-on activities and demonstrations, there will be informative presentations on collaborations between fiber farmers and designers, as well as on carbon farming, soil carbon sampling and drought tolerant breeds. The fee to attend the Symposium is $40, or $20 for seniors and full-time students.
Local RCDs, and Gold Ridge RCD's executive director Brittany Heck, will be presenting on the support emerging for carbon farm planning. 
The Fibershed Marketplace (open to the public at no charge from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm) will offer an array of beautiful local fibers and handmade goods, on sale in the church building, as well as on the lawn (weather permitting).
Saturday Nov 7, 9:30am-6:00pm
Visit the Eventbrite page:

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The staff of the Gold Ridge RCD thanks you for your continued support.