October 28, 2019
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New Century Planning Is Inviting You To "Two" Great Presentations With Andy Schectman!

In addition to being a much-needed diversification to your overall portfolio, silver (and gold) offer you potentially explosive upside from today’s depressed levels, and have proven to be excellent inflation hedges over time. With our national debt at $22 trillion and rising fast, and with record debt levels in the economy for autos, mortgages, student loans and credit cards, we think everybody needs at least a dose of precious metals. 100 years ago, one ounce of gold bought a man a good suit—today, at the $1510/oz. level, it still does! 50 years ago, one ounce of silver bought you 5 gallons of gasoline-today, at $17.77/oz. it still does! Your dollar buys less and less at the food store and elsewhere over time, but gold and silver preserve your purchasing power. 
As we did for the presentations we conducted this past spring, we are flying in Andy Schectman as our guest speaker. Andy is the president of Miles Franklin, which is a large precious metals dealer in Minnesota, now in their 30 th year. Andy is a sought-after speaker and expert on this subject, both here and internationally. 

Please let us know if you can attend one of these very compelling dinner presentations by calling us at 1-844-921-2400 or by emailing us at Domenica@newcenturyplanning.com .

( See the menu on the next page-seating is limited to the first 50 people)
“Why You Should Add Some Precious Metals to Your Portfolio”
This dinner will be held at the Bella Vista County Club

Friday November 1, 2019
6:30-9:00pm and
Saturday November 2, 2019
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This dinner will be held at Lili’s Bistro

Friday, November 8, 2019
7:00 - 9:00pm and
Saturday, November 9, 2019
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Lili's Bistro
251 Pascack Rd
Township of Washington, NJ 07676
(201) 664-5454
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Gary Christenson-Contributing Writer For Miles Franklin
Gold Stocks Now?
Miles Franklin sponsored this article by Gary Christenson . The opinions are his.
Breaking news:
  • The S&P 500 Index closed Friday, October 25 at 3,022, almost another all-time high.
  • Silver prices rose to $17.92, up $0.34 this week.
  • Gold prices rose to $1,505, up $11 for the week.
  • The XAU index of gold and silver stocks rose 3.01 this week to 93.54, a gain of 3.3%.
  • The Fed is creating $billions of new dollars from nothing and denying their actions are QE. We have heard it before…
You know the monetary drill:
a)    Commercial bankers and central bankers create more digital dollars from nothing, inject them into the economy, dollars devalue and prices rise. They issue press releases claiming they are doing a great job.
b)    Commercial and global central bankers are counterfeiting (legally). This benefits the financial and political elite. Don’t expect this nonsense to change.
c)    Prices for stocks, food, consumer goods and gold rise as dollars buy less.
d)    Inflation statistics (official) are “managed” to show minimal inflation. Check out the Chapwood Index .
e)    Newly created dollars and inexpensive debt levitate the stock and bond markets. Gold and silver prices languish, eventually surge higher, crash and languish again. Russia and China buy gold every month while the West descends deeper into debt.
f)      Multi-year cycles show investor preference for stocks versus commodities. Stocks are strong for years, the cycle reverses and commodities rise. Politicians seek scapegoats when food and energy prices skyrocket.
g)    Commercial bankers and central bankers create more digital dollars to “paper-over” their monetary mess.
h)    Politicians seldom question how creating more debt will correct excessive debt problems.
i)      And the game continues.
These charts show:
  • Gold prices rise and fall for years but inevitably increase as dollars are devalued. Gold in 2019 sells for $1,500. It sold for $35 in the 1960s.
  • Prices for gold stocks were hammered lower after December 2010. Their low occurred in December 2015. The XAU has doubled since that low.
WHAT ABOUT THE RATIO OF THE XAU TO GOLD? How strong are gold and silver stocks compared to their underlying products—gold and silver?
Compared to gold, the XAU/gold ratio has fallen hard since 2006, bottomed in January 2016, and is higher in October 2019.
Gold will sell much higher in coming years. Read Gold Prices – The Next Five Years .
You don’t believe it? Ask yourself:
a)    How many congressmen want to restrict spending and balance the budget?
b)    Which presidents have curtailed spending on military contractors, the health care cartel and social programs?
c)    Why has the national debt risen from $1 trillion in 1981 to over $22 trillion in 2019?
d)    Have politicians or bankers shown any interest in responsible spending or restoring honest money?
Conclusion:  Gold and silver prices will rise much higher in coming years. Gold and silver stocks, as measured by the XAU, should rise far more rapidly than metals prices.
Gold prices will rise from $1,500 in 2019 to $3,000 ($5,000 or $10,000 or $xx,xxx) during the next decade. Assume the XAU to gold ratio rises by a factor of five, back to its 1998—2006 levels. Then the XAU, 93 in late October, could rise to 1,000 to 3,000. We’ll wait to see how crazy gold stock prices become.
Compared to the S&P500 Index, the GSCI (commodity index) is at five-decade lows. The ratio has not been this low since 1971. After 1971, gold rose from $40 to over $800 by January 1980. A similar factor of 20 rise in the price of gold would move it to $30,000 - a crazy number.
A world where gold sells at $30,000 would differ greatly from today. Politicians and central bankers would blame others for the hyperinflation and suffering they created. The inflationary trauma and human misery would be huge. We hope sanity returns before the-powers-that-be create hyperinflation, social unrest, economic collapse and more…
The ratio shows how many ounces of silver are needed to purchase one ounce of gold. Historically the ratio has been 10 to 20. The ratio has averaged 50 – 60 for many decades. In mid-2019 the ratio peaked over 93.
When gold prices rise, silver prices rise faster and the ratio declines. When gold prices fall, silver prices fall further, and the ratio rises. The ratio fell through support lines (see below) in early 2004, mid-2010, mid-2016, and September 2019. These were buy signals for gold and especially for silver.
Date                  Ratio             Silver Price         % Rise in Silver Price
2004                  70                  $5.95                   250%
2010                  65                  $18.10                 170%
2016                  76                  $16.30                 25%
2019                  86                  $17.60                 ???%
Expect gold prices to rise for several years as central bankers, commercial bankers and politicians promote QE4ever, zero or negative interest rates, QE to infinity, “shovel ready” boondoggles, expanded wars, more social programs, and pension fund bailouts.
Gold prices will rise, and silver prices will jump higher. Gold prices should double, or more, in a few years. Silver prices should rise by at least a factor of four.
How high will metals prices rise? It depends upon how many $trillions QE4ever will create and how much the dollar will devalue.
Rather than guess about the trainload of monetary nonsense coming our way, prepare by “insuring” your savings and retirement with silver and gold.
Our fiscal, monetary and central banking problems are huge. Perhaps they are unfixable without a major reset.
Call Miles Franklin at 1-800-822-8080 to discuss precious metals “insurance” with them.
Gary Christenson
From Our Good Friend Daniel Ameduri
Dear Reader,

The most important thing I’ve ever learned was at a Tony Robbins event last year in Palm Beach, Florida, and I wanted to share it with you now.

It’s very personal , but I can’t not share this because I believe it’s something that can help everyone.

It was at a Date with Destiny event hosted by Tony Robbins . I have listened to and read his work for years now, but this was my first time actually going to one of his live seminars.

First off, I just want to say anyone reading this should try one, especially if you are married. I say this as a person who is fully aware of many of the teachings Robbins speaks of. I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill at age 15, as well as the Laws of Success . But Robbins is on another level; after 41 years of helping people optimize their brains, I’m guessing I saw him at his peak performance.

***If you can, please take a moment to read the rest of this letter. It’s simple, and on the surface I always knew this, as you probably do as well, but if you’ll just take a few minutes, or even an hour to reflect on this in your own life, I have no doubt it will help you.

Steve Jobs , the founder of Apple , once said at a speech at Stanford University, “you can never connect the dots going forward, you can only connect the dots looking backwards.
I’ve always enjoyed this line and quote it often to my children, and I’ll tell you that after leaving the Robbins event, I think I was able to fully grasp it like never before.

How many of you reading this have ever had a painful moment or time in your life? Probably most, if not all of you.

The same goes for me ; there are some defining moments in my life that I really don’t like to think about or that were so painful I have pretty much forgotten about them – I blocked them out of my memory.

One of the big themes at this 6-day event was that bad things in your life are gifts; they didn’t happen to you, they happened for you.

Now, on the surface, it’s easy to understand this, but I want you to really think about your own life and think of how this is not only true, but you should actually be thankful for these times because they made you the person you are today.

And maybe they even made the people you love.

In 1993, at age 12, my parents divorced . It was a horrible divorce, and very hard to deal with at my age. Prior to this, my family was very close; after that, I rarely saw my mother and can’t recall sleeping at my old house ever again.

My father, who passed away in 2016, raised me from 12 years on, and we literally started over. I’ll never forget living in a condo with no furniture, just bean bags for us to sit down on and talk while we ate a different version of Hamburger Helper every night… at least until he figured out how to cook. God rest his soul, he’s the best man I’ve ever known, working from 4am to 4pm daily, even on Saturdays.

Every waking hour that he wasn’t at work, he was with me, usually in some type of sports or just going for long walks with my dog.

A year and a half later, in June of 1994, on the last day of the 8th grade, I was walking home and I was punched by someone who literally gave me a running haymaker from behind. I really had no idea what had even happened, and it took me a few seconds to figure it out since I was blindsided. When I came home that day, my father was heartbroken that it had happened, and that month, we literally moved to a neighboring city. He felt that the area we lived in was becoming ghetto. They had just installed a fence with large bars around the high school, and this act of violence against me had just put him over the edge – he was done with the entire city.

Once we moved, he immediately signed me up for karate, and this became something very important to me in my life. By 3 years in, I was a black belt, and even a junior instructor. This is where I met a successful real estate investor who mentored me, as well as another businessman who gave a book at age 15 called Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

Sometime in February of 1998, a girl walked into the karate school to sign up . Seeing that she was about my age, my instructor asked me to do her intro class. She later became someone very important in my life.

Bad Things are Gifts... Life is Happening for You, Not to You.

This was what Robbins kept pounding the table during the event, and I’ll tell you, I now fully understand it and I believe it.

I have 3 children that I love, and my entire body and soul have nothing but unconditional love for them. And I can’t imagine life without them.

However, it took a broken and sometimes painful road to get to where I needed to be…

That girl in 1998 I gave an intro class to in karate became my wife.

The instructor steered me to passive income and business.

Had I not experienced getting jumped and beat up publicly, which was embarrassing, to say the least, I would have never joined that karate school in a neighboring city.

Where I was jumped was about 10 minutes from the school, however, where my parents lived pre-divorce was about 1 block away from the school, or less than a 1 minute walk.

Had my parents not been divorced, though painful, I would have never been on that side of town to get jumped a year and a half later, which means I wouldn’t join karate and I wouldn’t meet my wife, and my kids today would be vaporized because they would not exist!

Two events that I hate to think about, that were extremely painful in my life, were instrumental to me meeting my wife, having my children, and becoming a real estate investor at age 18!

I think having a mindset that is grateful for the bad things, and even enthusiastically happy about them, gives you the ability to unlock the potential of your subconscious mind, which I believe is very powerful.

And I can tell you this: I stand here today very thankful that the bad things that have happened to me happened because without them, I wouldn’t get to be me today, and I love life and am thrilled to be married to my soulmate, enjoying our children together.

If you’re a skeptic, you could say “well, yeah, Dan, you might have a different wife, kids, or possibly a better life…” I guess that’s possible, but that’s not what happened. I can only connect the dots looking back , and I’ll tell you that I wouldn’t want it to have all happened any other way!

By the way, my dad had an early death at age 70, and I feel lucky that I got to spend such quality time with him while he was alive, as he was an exceptional father, even though he had a dad that was so bad, he wasn’t even allowed to use the front door or eat food from the fridge when he was a teenager. My dad was a great father because he never wanted to be like his own. I had an amazing bond with him and I know that he felt the same and wouldn’t have wanted his life to be any different than how it played out.

Today, I am continuing the legacy and building an exceptional bond with my own children, perhaps on an entirely new level thanks to my dad.

My father told me “I love you” every single time we parted, whether it was on the phone or in person, and though he may not have planned it this way, by default, those would be the last words we would ever say to each other.

Today, please take 30 minutes and just reflect on some of the “bad things” that may have happened to you in your own life and connect the dots: how did those events actually help you?

How did they make you the person you are today?

What was positive about them? And if you’re willing to let them go completely, try taking a moment to be in a spirit of gratitude about those events.

Think of them as things that happened for you and not to you.

Have a great Sunday.

Best Regards,
Daniel Ameduri
Author, Don't Save for Retirement
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