International Grand Basileus Deborah Catchings-Smith
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated's rich history dates back to the founding of our extraordinary sisterhood on November 12, 1922 by seven visionary educators on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our legacy of positively impacting and empowering our communities spans 94 years. 

These fearless seven African-American women had the audacity to formulate a national sorority during a time when the national headquarters and national leader of the Klu Klux Klan, an organization with a history steeped in horrendous violence and bigotry, resided across the street from the university. During the entire month of November, we salute the courageous phenomenal Seven Pearls of our sisterhood who were resolute about their desire to provide community service that was intentional, impactful and measurable.

Sorors and affiliates are excited about celebrating and paying homage to the Illustrious Seven
Pearls of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated!  In honor of their tenacious tr
ailblazing efforts, sorors and affiliates are committed to collectively executing 7,000 hour s of community service throughout the month of November  2016. Each individual soror, Philo and Rhoer is being asked to contribute a minimum of two hours of community service until November 30 by engaging in activities such as social action, voter mobilization, mentoring and tutoring, Girl Scouts STEM programs, food pantry volunteerism and more. What a  tremendous way to continue our rich legacy by demonstrating our focus of being intentional, impactful and measurable:  A sisterhood for the future!   

Please document your hours by accessing  the Programs Reporting Tool


International First Grand Anti-Basileus
Rasheeda Liberty
November is a time that is sacred for members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. as it is a time for us to commemorate and celebrate our Founders' Day. Our Founders had a desire to ensure that all sorors felt true sisterhood and a connection for a lifetime. We want to honor that commitment by ensuring that we truly welcome our sorors home.
You are encouraged to invite our inactive members to attend a special webinar designed just for them on Wednesday, November 9. Register now for the webinar.

During this presentation, they will receive the late st updates about Sigma Gamma Rho and our community contribut ions. In a dditio n, they will learn about ways to connect locally and regionally to events and resources. We will conclude with some special offers for them to reactivate. With your help, we can take the bold step of welcoming our sorors home to Sigma! 

We heard the call and want to share some good news from headquarters. Remittance processing has been reduced! Processing time has gone down from 14 days to five business days. Please have all information and paperwork in order. The following may delay processing: absence of signed transfer/reinstatement form, absence of diploma, and/or absence of signed remittance form with payment. 
Membership cards were sent earlier than before!  In previous years, members did not receive
membership cards until late December or early January. This year, members started receiving their membership cards the first week of October. Membership cards are ordered on a weekly basis for all members who are financial at the time of the order and do not have a balance of $10 or more due to ICHQ. 

Membership cards are sent to the addresses provided on the remittance form, unless a change of information has been submitted. To ensure that you received your membership card with your correct name and spelling, please check with you chapter to confirm the information being sent to ICHQ and/or provide any updated information.


Let's start our 94th Founders' Day celebration with prayer. Members and affiliates are invited to join our Founders' Day Prayer. Boule Chaplin Rev. Chan-Tell King-Beckwith will lead us in prayer as  we remember and reflect on our Founders, achievements, the future of our sisterhood, scholarship and service. 

We invite you to join the Founders' Day Prayer Conference Call for this Saturday, November 12, at 8:22 a.m. EST. The c onference call number is  (712) 770-4155, p articipant access code: 266254.

Let us come together in unity and prayer!  

November is Prematurity Awareness Month and November 17 is Prematurity Awareness Day!  Premature birth is a very serious health problem. Worldwide, 15 million babies are born preterm and more than a million die as a result. Babies who survive often have lifelong health problems such as cerebral palsy, vision and hearing loss, and intellectual disabilities.

Sigma Gamma Rho members and affiliates can participate in Premature Awareness Month and Prematurity Awareness Day in several ways. Here are some suggestions:
  • Host a prematurity awareness event with your local March of Dimes office at a hospital that has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • Highlight our partnership with the March of Dimes by incorporating Prematurity Awareness Month in your Founders' Day celebration events. Set up a Prematurity Awareness Day display table and share March of Dimes information (brochures and pamphlets).
For more information a nd printable ads for  the March of Dimes and Prematurit y Awareness Month, visit www.sgrho1922.org.


It's Election Day! Did you know that women did not get the right to vote until 1920 under the 19th Amendment? More of a reason to head to the polls!  

Remember to take your voter registration card and another form of ID such as your state issued driver's license with you to the polls. Check your state's election page to verify what can be used as forms of identification. 

Let's make an impact. Your vote is your voice!

The deadline for submissions for the Winter/Spring edition of The Aurora is  December 15 . Please remember that all submissions must be in a Word document and sho ul d exclude words such as "we," our" and "us." The article should be 250 words or less. We want the best look for the sorority's major publication, so please submit good, quality electronic photos 
which are 300 dpi and in JPEG format. Pictures must be attached separately with your submission, not embedded in your Word document. The cost for a group picture is $25, and for single subject pictures, the cost is $15. Please ensure that the names of people or group in the p hotos are sent along with your pictorial submissions.

Payments for photographs should be submitted to headquarters. You may send a copy of your receipt or money order as well as your submissions to  theauroramag@sgrho1922.org . For the full submission guidelines, please refer to your copy of The AURORA. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jacki Sten nis Moore, e ditor-in-chief of The Aurora, at  theauroramag@sgrho1922.org .