International Grand Basileus  
Deborah Catchings-Smith
Greetings Sorors, Philos, and Rhoers!
This is the season of giving, reflection, and renewal. We are ending the year in amazing fashion. Our sisterhood has been engaged in ground-breaking activities that have improved the quality of life for children, women, and families. We extend to each of you a heartfelt "Thank You" for your unyielding commitment to our beloved Sisterhood!
Sandra Bland HBO Documentary - "Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland"
Powerful and soul stirring, the film chronicles the life, death, and investigation of our Soror Sandra Bland while she was in police custody. Zeta Sigma Chapter Basileus Karen Cook and event
Grand Basileus Catchings-Smith engaging with film producer, David Heilbroner during the panel discussion after the film debut in St. Louis. 
organizer Soror Constance Johnson
Grand Basileus Catchings-Smith with Shaunte Needham (center), Soror Bland's sister, and St. Louis Area Sorors after the film debut in St. Louis. 
hosted the film premiere and panel discussion on November 4, 2018. I was able to attend the sold-out St. Louis theatrical premiere in November along with many other sorors from across the area. The documentary premiered on HBO on December 3, 2018 and is now available on HBO On Demand. Don't miss this film. It is important.  
National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW) National Convention
Our Sisterhood was well represented at the NCNW National Convention held in
Dr. Johnetta Cole (center), New NCNW National President flanked by Grand Basileus Catchings-Smith and Zeta Phi Beta Past National President Mary Breaux Wright  
Washington, DC on November 8-11, 2018. NCNW Council Delegates from across the country engaged in educational workshops, forums, and networking. We thank Past Grand Basileus Dr. Mynora J. Bryant, Northeastern Region Past Syntaktes Deborah Walsh, Northeastern Region Past Tamiochus Thelma Johnson, and Northeastern Region Social Action Chair Tracy Brown for participating in the delegation representing our sisterhood. A special thank you goes out to Northeastern Region Area 1 Coordinator Soror Dawn Stanton and all area sorors for the hospitality and courtesies extended.
Black Women's Agenda (BWA) Forum - Living Your Best Life at Every Age: I am the Change
BWA Forum
Metropolitan St. Louis and East St. Louis, IL Area Sorors from Eta Mu Sigma, Zeta Sigma, and Alpha Upsilon Sigma Chapters supported
Sorors representing the Sisterhood at the BWA Forum
and attended the BWA Forum held in St. Louis on November 10, 2018. The Forum educated women on holistic aspects of self-care pertaining to health and wellness, financial planning, and career advancement.
USA Swimming National Partnership Meeting and Golden Goggles Awards
Grand Basileus Attending the USA Swimming National Partnership Meeting .
We were honored to represent our sisterhood at the USA Swimming National Partnership Meeting held in New York on November 17-19, 2018. We were able to network with major corporations and engage in strategic discussions with them. We were also recognized for our amazing Swim 1922 Drowning Prevention Initiative.
Grand Basileus accepting accolades on behalf of our Sisterhood from USA Swimming Foundation and Olympian Gold Medalist Simone Manuel.
Sorors and Affiliates can be proud of our remarkable contribution to reducing drowning deaths in the African-American Community and Communities of Color. Special appreciation goes to the Northeastern Region Area IV Coordinator Dr. Jodi Jacobs and the NYC Area Sorors for the hospitality and courtesies extended.
Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting
NPHC Presidents attending AFA Annual Meeting
The NPHC Council of Presidents convened during the Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting
Fireside Chats with Campus Professionals attending AFA Annual Meeting
held in Indianapolis, IN on November 29-December 2, 2018. National and regional leadership and headquarters staff were also in attendance. The annual meeting provides access for our leaders to engage with university officials and campus professionals from across the country.
Fireside Chats with Campus Professionals attending AFA Annual Meeting
The volume of professional development, networking, and collaboration experienced is invaluable to our leadership.
Supporting our UCCs at the AFA Annual Meeting
Special appreciation goes to Alpha Sigma Chapter Basileus Soror Dawn Wright and all sorors for the hospitality and courtesies extended.
NPHC and ESPN Celebration of Service 
Our Sisterhood will be joined by Fraters and Sorors of the NPHC and NPHC Council of Presidents at the Celebration Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, December 15,
2018. The game will be held at the Mercedes Benz Stadium between North Carolina A&T and Alcorn State University.
ESPN is raising awareness about the significant community service impacts of the Divine Nine Sororities and Fraternities. This is the culmination of multiple service activations for our organizations. The Divine Nine will be highlighted throughout the game at and at half-time. Sigma Gamma Rho will host a Swim 1922 Clinic in Atlanta on Friday, December 14. Details will be released soon.  
We applaud our ESPN National Liaison Soror Carolyn M Williams and Executive
Director Cynthia Eubanks for coordinating this national initiative. It demonstrates the significant community impacts through the work of the NPHC Divine Nine. Thanks to Southeastern Region Syntaktes Jakimva Martin, Southeastern Region UCC Celestine LaVan, USA Swimming National Liaison Secenario Jones, and the Atlanta Metropolitan Chapters for their tremendous support.
Be sure to tune in on Saturday, December 15 to watch the Celebration Bowl on ABC television. Check local listing for times.
May you and your families enjoy a loving, peaceful, and joyous holiday season!
First Grand Anti-Basileus  Rasheeda S. Liberty
May you and your families enjoy a loving, peaceful, and joyous holiday season! As we are closing out this sorority year, we are reflective and appreciative of the great work that our members are doing to progress recruitment, retention, and reclamation. With that, I wanted to share some key insights and metrics that are critical to measuring our success:
As compared to the prior year, we are already 9% ahead of Year Over Year (YOY). The Central Region is leading the way with the strongest growth YOY at 15%. Thus far, we are at 75.7% of our membership goal by each Regional Syntaktes. Our Spring 2019 intake will help us to close the gap. The Super Southwestern Region is leading the way at 79.7% of their regional goal.
Campaign 2022 is moving forward with full steam. We have had over 500 reactivations so far this fall. Your hard work and efforts are moving the needle in this area. Let's continue welcoming our sorors home. 
There are also many initiatives that will continue to help drive progress in key membership areas. Here are some areas chapters can focus on:
  • Contact all members who have not reactivated or come home this sorority year by utilizing past roster information. (Reclamation)
  • Invite inactive or actively disengaged members to holiday gatherings and celebratory events this holiday season. (Reclamation)
  • Submit your Spring 2019 calendar now for approval so that you can hit the ground running in January 2019. (Recruitment)
  • Send potential candidates a chapter holiday message, new year greeting, or special acknowledgement to let them know about upcoming events in 2019. (Recruitment)
  • Host a Sigma gift exchange this season or fellowship as a part of your chapter meeting to connect all members. (Retention)
  • Plan an outing to see holiday lights, a theatrical performance, or a movie at the end of the year that accommodates most sorors schedules. (Retention)
In all of our well-doing, let's remember to support each other during this season as sisters. Remember to check in with one another via phone, text messages, or love notes. The holidays and the conclusion of the year can bring on mixed emotions. Let's be sensitive to that. More importantly, let's share the greatest gift of all - Love.
International  Second Grand Anti-Basileus
Christie Nance
Happy Holidays Sorors!
I would like to start off by saying congratulations to all the new Fall 2018 Undergraduate members! Also, congratulations to all the Fall 2018 graduate members. I wish you well on your continued journey to success. We are so glad you all made the decision to join our illustrious sisterhood.
Please be sure to send your pictures to Prissy & Precise via Instagram or email them to Also, the Regional YSCs and I have been working on two joint projects, a newsletter and webinar exclusively for Undergraduates, so please stay tuned for more information!
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
International Grand Epistoleus
Tamika Nicole

Greetings Sorors, Philos, and Rhoers,
Thank you to everyone for all of your social media activity during the month November. Your activity had an extremely positive impact on the sorority's visibility. I am excited about the possibilities from our increased engagement.
Social Media Impact (October-November 2018) 
Because of your active engagement throughout the month, we were able to grow each of our social media platforms significantly:
As of 10/20/18:
Followers: 13,799
Likes: 13,860
As of 10/20/18:
Followers: 11, 208
As of 10/20/18:
Followers: 10,400
As of 12/06/18:
Followers: 14,230
Likes: 14,291
As of 12/06/18:
Followers: 11, 774
As of 12/06/18:
Followers: 10,625
Please continue to share, like, and actively engage. Remember to use our official hashtags. They are listed below:
History Committee
The History committee will begin meeting soon. If you are interested in serving, please contact me at Updates will be forthcoming.
Happy Holidays to you, your families, and your loved ones!

National Programs Chair  
Jacqueline Greely 
Founders' Month Community Service Challenge
Thank you, Sigma Family, for your impactful outreach to communities across the globe during Founders' Month! In an
effort to ensure that all chapters and individuals receive credit, the deadline to enter hours has been extended to Friday, December 14, 2018. As a reminder, the challenge is open to all Sorors, Philos, Rhoers, and Friends of Sigma. Rhosebuds are to be accounted for under the Alumnae chapter or Individual entry. For questions, please email
All of Us Research Program
Sigma Gamma Rho is leading in engagement in our efforts to provide valuable engagement regarding the All of Us Research Program. As partners with the National Institute of Health (NIH), it is vitally important that Sigma Gamma Rho does our part. We strongly encourage members to like, comment, and share from the @sgrhoupdates social media handles; sign up to be an ambassador in your local community; or invite Sigma to a community activity to provide outreach opportunities. For more information, please contact Soror Jacqueline Greely at
Essential Programs Updates
The National Programs Guidebook and the 2019 Annual Youth Symposium documents are now available on Sorors Only.
Golden Service
Please remember to record individual and chapter service in Golden Service. There is a handy instructional guide available on the national website. For questions, please email
Please share photos of you performing and participating in community service activities. Send only your four best photos to your Regional Epistoleus. Always indicate your chapter name, location, and community service activity. Let's show service in action!    
December 2018