International Grand Basileus Deborah Catchings-Smith
Election day is  Tuesday, November 8, 2016  and your International Board of Directors is asking every Soror and Affiliate member to register to vote and make plans to get to the polls!  Why not vote early? Yes, the presidential race is important and it gets our attention because the stakes are so high, but there are other considerations. In addition to the Hillary Clinton
and Donald Trump campaigns, please take a momen t to familiarize  yourself with races and ballot measures or prop o sitions in your city and state. Encourage our undergraduates to 
vote in- person or  by absentee ballot. 
  • We ask all Chapter and Regional Leaders to document your voter registration activities after election day on your Sigma database and post the same to the National Pan-Hellenic Council Headquarters' website, www.nphchq.org.


International First Grand Anti-Basileus
Rasheeda Liberty
Membership, no doubt, is the lifeline of our sisterhood providing Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. the ability to expand volunteerism and fulfill our motto of "Greater Service, Greater Progress." The most critical task in the first 90 days was to revamp our T.O.R.C.H. program and documents to ensure successful training of our membership.

Simultaneously, this officer outlined the membership vision and strategy in partnership with committee and R3 task force members. You will witness many of these plans around recruitment, reclamation and retention as the year progresses. One of our first initiatives that impacts each component of R3 is our Boule to Boule Contest. The contest for 2016 - 2018 has some modifications to encourage chapter growth. With the many membership initiatives planned, we will be providing tools, resources and activities to assist members and chapters. Click here for Boule to Boule Contest details.

Stay informed and engaged!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society,  29 percent of newly diagnosed cancer in women is breast cancer. Family history, genetics, pregnancy, smoking, weight, diet and environmental factors can contribute to diagnoses of breast cancer. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. educates and informs the community about the disease through the Hattie McDaniel Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative. 

Soror McDaniel, the first African American to win an Academy Award, died of breast cancer on October 26, 1952. Sigma Gamma Rho is encouraging members and affiliates to Think Pink in honor of Soror McDaniel, survivors and those who lost their lives to the disease. On Wednesday, October 26, please consider doing the following:
  • Wear a pink awareness ribbon or pin
  • Participate and share breast cancer facts through social media campaigns
  • Sponsor a chapter bra-fitting or invite a breast cancer expert or survivor to a chapter meeting
  • Host an event at a local women's shelter
  • Schedule a mammogram
  • Honor survivors and angels through a community luncheon, dinner, or gala.
Early detection can save lives. Talk with your doctor about getting a mammogram and do monthly self breast exams.

Our Sorors and Affiliates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana still need your help. Thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to assist 24 families impacted by the devastating flooding along the Gulf Coast. It's been almost two months since the disaster and the cleanup is not over. Our Sigma family is still picking up the pieces.

Let's continue to show our support.  We are still asking members and affiliates of Sigma Gamma Rho to consider making a minimum $22 donation to the Sigma Gamma Rho National Disaster Relief Fund. Your donation will make sure we can adequately respond to the needs of those affected by the flooding. 

We have not hit our goal of $30,000, but with your help we can get even closer to making sure all of our Sorors, Philos and Rhoers have what they need to rebuild. Please click here to make a donation. 

We thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting our Sigma family. If you have any questions, please contact the International Corporate Headquarters at (888) 747-1922.


Joann Loveless
22nd International Grand Basileus
USA Swimming recently recognized Sigma Gamma Rho for the Swim 1922 program which educates the African-American community about water safety and the importance of learning how to swim. The organization presented the Diversity Inclusion Award to the sorority during its annual convention. Past International Grand Basileus Joann Loveless accepted the award on the sorority's behalf.
From learning basic swim techniques, such as floating and proper breathing, to taking swim lessons to promoting water safety, members and affiliates of Sigma Gamma Rho continue to encourage communities to learn how to swim. We know that it can save lives. Research shows that p articipation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among children aged one to four years.

The sorority teamed up with USA Swimming in 2012 as a national initiative and since then, we have touched more than 20,000 lives and held more than 125 dry and wet clinics featuring Olympians and professional swimmers. Sigma Gamma Rho is committed to ensuring our community knows the basics when it comes to staying safe in the water. 

Get ready to take a trip to Vegas. Make plans now to attend the 2017 Special Boule in Las Vegas. Sorors and Philos will deliberate on the constitution and bylaws as well as vote on recommendation changes. Stay tuned for more details about the Special Boule in July.
7,000 Hours of Community Service Challenge
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority has a rich history of service, thanks to the vision and perseverance of seven educators who chartered our sisterhood on November 12, 1922. We are excited to celebrate 94 years of Service, Sisterhood and Scholarship. 

Over the years, service has remained our core value! This year, to honor our founders, we are encouraging each Soror, Philo and Rhoer to participate in the 7,000 Hours of Community Service Challenge during the month of November. Please consider a minimum commitment of two hours. More details about the challenge will be outlined and all your questions answered during a October 18, 2016 webinar! The webinar registration will be communicated in the coming days!