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Summer Camps
Find all the information on our  website!  muskegoncatholic.org/summer-camps

30th Annual Crusader Open
Friday, August 4, 2017
Oak Ridge Golf Club
Limited to 34 teams (team must be paid in full to be considered registered)
Register thru 7/1 and get a free mulligan per player!
Team Registration, Sponsorships and Volunteer Opportunities can all be found on our website! muskegoncatholic.org/crusaderopen

Friday, October 6, 2017
MCC vs. Manistee
If you are interested in performing with the Alumni Band, contact Jake Lubbers, MCC Band Director at jlubbers@muskegoncatholic.org.

35th Annual Rainbow Auction
Saturday, April 28, 2018
Registration open for 2017-2018!
Contact Carmen Tetzlaff at 231-291-0344 or
Visit our website for more information.

Submit your nomination by June 30th!

The nomination form, more information and past recipients can be found on our website.

The purpose of the Muskegon Catholic Central Wall of Honor is to acknowledge those individuals who have distinguished themselves as outstanding Crusaders by virtue of their performance or accomplishments as representatives of Muskegon Catholic Central in college, ministries, professional, service or other meritorious efforts.
Rainbow Auction Recap

On Saturday, April 29th MCC hosted 270 attendees including alumni, staff, parents, past parents, grandparents, friends, business owners and community leaders to the 34th Rainbow Auction.  Over $128,000 was netted from ticket sales, raffles and silent and live auction items.  An additional $134,500 was raised in our Fund-A-Need paddle raise that will go towards updating the science classrooms and elementary technology.
From the President's Desk
Mr. Ken Rasp

Several months ago, we were approached by Matt Schmitt, President of Operations for the Muskegon Risers, a professional men's soccer club. Matt wanted to talk about the possibility of the Muskegon Risers using Monsignor Kehren Stadium as their home field during their summer 2017 season. Because they are known as the Muskegon Risers, he wanted to find a home field in Muskegon. Since their founding a few years ago, the Risers have played their indoor season at the L.C. Walker Arena and their outdoor season at Reeths Puffer High School.
After several months of conversation, I am happy to share that we have signed an agreement with the Muskegon Risers that will allow them to use Kehren Stadium as their home pitch during the summer of 2017. The Risers home schedule includes games on June 10 & 17, July 8, 15, & 22, and August 5 & 12. All games will begin at 6:00 p.m. Please note that the decision to partner with the Muskegon Risers was based on the following:
  • During their indoor season, the Muskegon Risers averaged 1500 fans per game. Last summer at Reeths Puffer, they averaged between 1500 and 2000 fans per game. We are excited about the opportunity to showcase Muskegon Catholic Central to a potential group of fans who may have never been on our campus.
  • There is a financial plus - the facility rental fee per game and all concessions belong to MCC. The Muskegon Risers will also allow us to conduct fundraisers for the benefit of MCC during the games.
  • The Muskegon Risers want to pay it forward to MCC. They will complete the painting of the chain link fence that surrounds Kehren Stadium and the ticket booth at the southeast end of the stadium.
  • We will be assessing any wear and tear to the Kehren Stadium field following each soccer game. Appropriate action will be taken each week to help the field recover. We do not anticipate any issues, but will be ready to act accordingly. The Muskegon Risers have agreed to make sure that the field is football-ready for the beginning of the Crusader football season.
Personally I am excited about this partnership. It is good for Muskegon Catholic Central, it is good for the Muskegon Risers, and it is good for the Muskegon community. I love that we have an incredible opportunity to showcase our campus and facility, market Muskegon Catholic Central as a school of excellence, and share with the Muskegon Risers fans and the Muskegon community the Crusader spirit of hospitality, generosity, and thankfulness.
This photo banner adorns the exterior of the Cioe Gym where windows were years ago.
Mission Trip
For our 2017 Spring Break Mission Trip thirteen students and two chaperones served in Rockcastle County, Kentucky through the Christian Appalachian Project ( christianapp.org), which serves some of the most impoverished counties in Kentucky. Students assisted with home repairs and had time for fellowship, prayer and reflection.
The mission was to work with elderly housing. When arriving the team was split into two groups. One group worked to build a wheelchair ramp. A second group worked to re-side a house for a lady that was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition. 

Through this experience the students were not only given the opportunity to serve others, but also to get to know them and talk with them about their story. The students came away with an appreciation of what they have and also a desire to share their abilities with others. Most of all they were able to see Christ in the poor, elderly and the disabled and learned to treat them as Christ would.
Elementary Field Day
Kindergarten-6th Grade were in teams made up of students from each grade.  The teams rotated to different stations staffed by parent volunteers.   It was an afternoon of fun, getting to know students from other grades and teamwork!
6th Grade Graduation
27 sixth graders celebrated the end of their elementary school days.
MCC Class of 2017

Muskegon Catholic Central graduated 57 students on  Sunday, June 4, 2017.  Those  students were  offered an astounding $5,912,622 in scholarships!  

See where the grads are going and their awards  here !

Post graduation photo at Pere Marquette Beach.
Spring Sports Wrap-up:      

Varsity Baseball:
Final Record:  33-11
Lakes 8 Conference Champions:  15-1
GMAA Tier 2 Champions
Regional Champions
Lakes 8 First Team All-Conference: Bobby Ahern, Cole Charlesworth, Devin Comes, Riley St. Amour
Lakes 8 Second Team All-Conference: Mason Convertini, Duy Nguyen
All-State First Team-An Pham,  Bobby Ahern,  Cole Charlesworth
Head Coach:  Steve Schuitema (Lakes 8 Baseball Coach of the Year)

Varsity Boys Golf:
Lakes 8 Runner Up
7th place - Division 4 State Finals
Collin Powers - 7th place finish at State Finals
Lakes 8 Individual Champion:  Collin Powers
GMAA Individual Champion:  Collin Powers
Lakes 8 First Team All-Conference:  Collin Powers, Chase Mastella
Lakes 8 Second Team All-Conference:  Nick Morgenstern, Connor Inglat
Head Coach:  Jimmy Hegedus '00 (Lakes 8 Golf Coach of the Year)

Varsity Girls Soccer:
Final Record:  20-5-1
Regional Champions (first in program history), first woman's regional championship since 2009 (Girls Basketball)
Third Place - Lakes 8 Conference (5-3)
Lakes 8 First Team All-Conference:  Isabelle Bertolone, Lilli Conroy, Lauren Doriot, Talia Tyler
Lakes 8 Second Team All-Conference:  Kyra Tyler
Academic All-State
All-State First Team: Talia Tyler
All-State Second Team: Lilli Conroy, Isabelle Bertolone
Honorable Mention: Kyra Tyler
Head Coach:  Art Dorsey 

Varsity Girls Softball (co-op at Western Michigan Christian)
Final Record:10-23
Third Place - Lakes 8 Conference (4-8)
Lakes 8 First Team All-Conference:  Amelia Heminger
Lakes 8 Second Team All-Conference:  Maria Sanocki
Academic All-State (#1 in Division 3)
Head Coach - Jeff Nestell

Varsity Girls Tennis:
Second Place - Lakes 8 Conference (2-1, 2nd at Lakes 8 Invitational)
Lakes 8 Second Team All-Conference:  Sama Ramo (3 singles), Brenna Kieft/Anna Riegler (3 doubles), Jazmine Bennett/Hazel Rodriguez (4 singles).
Academic All-State
Head Coach - Casey Christensen (Lakes 8 Tennis Coach of the Year)

Varsity Boys Track:
Tied for third - Lakes 8 Conference
Regional Champions
Fourth place at Division 4 State Finals
State Champions:  4x200 relay - Ben Treutler/Dawson Steigman/Cameron Martinez/Tommy Watts
State Runner-Up:  4x100 relay - Ben Treutler/Dawson Steigman/Cameron Martinez/Tommy Watts
Third Place (State Finals):  4x400 relay - Ben Treutler/Jacob Martinez/Cameron Martinez/Dawson Steigmen
Sixth Place - 100 meters - Tommy Watts
State Qualifiers: 
Brock Johnson (Shotput/Discus)
LaTommy Scott (200 meters)
Ben Treutler (200 meters)
Ryder Smith (300 hurdles)
Cameron Martinez (Long Jump)
Lakes 8 First Team All-Conference:  LaTommy Scott, Ben Treutler, Dawson Steigman, Tommy Watts
Lakes 8 Second Team All-Conference:  Brock Johnson
Head Coach:  Steve Czerwon '95

Varsity Girls Track:
Tied for fourth - Lakes 8 Conference
Third place at Regionals
State Qualifiers: 
Talia Tyler (100 meters, 200 meters)
Liz Isom (300 hurdles)
Liz Isom/Talia Tyler/Payton Helton/Jai'Lyn Johnson (4x100 relay)
Liz Isom/Payton Helton/Jai'Lyn Johnson/Calvin'Nae Simmons (4x200 relay)
Liz Isom/Talia Tyler/Jai'Lyn Johnson/Cavlin'Nae Simmons (4x400 relay)
Lakes 8 First Team All-Conference: Talia Tyler
Lakes 8 Second Team All-Conference: Liz Isom, Payton Helton, Calvin'Nae Simmons
Seniors:  Amelie Astel
Head Coach:  Steve Czerwon '95
Happy Retirement Jane Stoepker!
Art Teacher, Grades 7-12

It is hard to believe that I walked through the doors of Muskegon Catholic Central eight years ago, not knowing anyone or anything about the Muskegon community.  Over these eight years, I have been welcomed, supported, and encouraged in a place that has trusted me to engage, explore and work with the students and faculty.
I truly thought I would never stop teaching, but life has a way of introducing new opportunities.  Even though I will be retiring from teaching, I have a lot yet to do. I am currently working on writing and illustrating children's books.  I am attending a conference this summer in Los Angeles as I learn more about the industry.  I also have a company, SeeJaneRun, that has been dormant for a while.  I will be working on my business designing  greeting cards, paper products, and painting anything that doesn't move!
In addition to my professional life, I will be able to be more flexible with my personal life.  My husband and I have 4 children in 4 different time zones.  We also have two new grandchildren and look forward to spending time with them.
My life is filled with blessings, and I count my career at Muskegon Catholic Central as one of them.  I feel good about leaving the Art Department in full swing, the Dream Garden growing, and National Art Honor Society established.  I am grateful for the friendships made.  The faculty and staff have been an inspiration. Their hard work and genuine care for the students, is remarkable. As I told them, I will think of them every time I wear jeans - - - which will be every day!
Muskegon Catholic Central will be in my prayers.  I will pray for the health and well-being of the faculty, staff and students. May the school continue to grow and challenge the minds and hearts of all that enter the door - - just as it did mine when I first walked in.
Peace and Gratitude,
Jane Stoepker
Katie (Gould) Welch '97
Religion Teacher, Grades 7-12

My name is Katie Welch and I have been involved in the Muskegon Catholic Community since I was a preschooler.  I attended St. Francis de Sales in elementary and graduated from MCC in 1997.  I attended Michigan State University and received a Bachelors in Elementary Education in 2002, and started teaching for Muskegon Catholic in 2004.  I began at St. Michael's, then moved to St. Francis, and am finally here at our Laketon campus.

I have taught 3rd grade my entire career here (with a short stop as a 5th grade teacher for one year.)  I never thought I would be changing careers, but low and behold, God had different plans for me.

Five years ago I was given the opportunity to speak at retreats about the Year of Faith.  Through these talks, a joy of the Gospel awakened in me that I had never before experienced.  I grew to know Christ as my friend, my Savior - the "Man of my dreams."  I was lead to speak at high school youth groups, high school retreats, and eventually ended up as a high school youth minister at St. Mary's in Muskegon for about a year.

God has been calling me to teach high school religion at this school ever since.  I am humbled, honored, and thrilled at the opportunity to answer God's call, and hope that He will use me as He sees best - and that I can be a mentor and leader of our students toward an incredible relationship with Christ.

I have several hobbies including reading, redecorating my home, playing butterfly princess with my daughter Lilah who will be in 1st grade at MCC and video games with my son Spencer who will be in 8th grade at MCC, bike riding, and camping.  I collect animals - including two dogs, three cats, two fish, two hermit crabs.  I have been married to my husband, Brian, since 2002.  I volunteer for Hospice as a compassion friend.  We are pursuing the adoption of children from foster situations, and hope that this will come to grow our family within the 2017 year.  The more I give, the more happiness I receive, and I am so happy to discover this truth at 38 years old.

I look forward to giving as much as I can to our Muskegon Catholic Community, all for the glory of God and His Kingdom.

Jim Benedict '65, MaryLou (Howell) Benedict '65, Anne (Benedict) Baker '93, Ryan Inglat '19, Connor Inglat '17, Andy Benedict '92, Ron Inglat '87 and Amy (Benedict) Inglat '87 in a photo taken at Connor's Graduation Open House.

The Inglat's and The Benedict's

Ron Inglat '87 and Amy (Benedict) Inglat '87 met as students at Muskegon Catholic Central.  After graduation, Ron attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and flies for American Airlines.  Amy attended Aquinas and Kendall College of Art and Design.  Amy currently works in MCC's Business Office.  Ron and Amy will celebrate 23 years of marriage this October.  They have two sons, Connor '17 who will be attending Grand Rapids Community College in the fall with plans to transfer to the University of Michigan and Ryan '19 will be a junior at MCC.

Amy's parents, Jim Benedict '65 and MaryLou (Howell) Benedict '65, also met as students at Muskegon Catholic Central.  They are life long residents of Muskegon.  Jim retired from Verizon and MaryLou retired from Foremost Graphics.  Jim & MaryLou will celebrate 49 years of marriage in August.

Amy's brother, Andy Benedict '92, graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Professional Tennis Management.  Andy is a Tennis Professional at The Woodlands Country Club.  Andy and his wife, Tara, have been married for 14 years and have two children, Jackson (8) and Mia (5).  The family lives in The Woodlands, TX.

Amy's sister, Anne (Benedict) Baker '93, graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Elementary Education majoring in Child Development and received a Master's degree from Western Michigan University after graduating from MCC.  Anne is a currently a stay at home mom.  Anne and her husband, Andy,  have been married for 14 years and have two children, Abby (12) and Charley (10).  The family lives in Asheville, NC.
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Craig Hindes '76
During his high school years,  he held his first job at a neighborhood meat shop in Muskegon Heights. Over the years he learned the  business and the trade of meat cutting, and in 1983 at the age of 25 be became the owner of Scott  Meats, Inc. When Craig bought the business it was located in a small building on the corner of Hoyt and  Broadway in Muskegon Heights. The business quickly out grew that building and in 1985 was relocated  to 309 E. Broadway Ave., right down the street from the original building. The business continued to  expand over the years and outgrew that building as well. In the fall of 2016 the company made a $1.6  million investment to expand and relocate to accommodate the growing clientele. The new store is now  located at 206 E. Broadway Ave., right across the street from the old store. 

Scott Meat is a family business. Ann (LaPres) Hindes '80 has been alongside of  Craig from the beginning helping him run the office side of the business. Instilling work ethic in their  children has always been important to Craig and Ann. All four of their children (Madison, James,  Sydney, and Kailey) have worked at the store. Currently two of their children work at the store full-time  and two of them work part-time. Throughout all of the positive changes in the business the entire family  is happy to be a part of the successful business that Craig worked so hard to build.

Some of the positive outcomes from the relocation range from more business to winning  awards. Since the move, Scott Meats has reach out to a larger variety of customers and has doubled their  sales. The move allowed for a new smokehouse which increased the smoked meats production with a  larger variety and quantity of meats being produced. This played a large role in Scott Meats winning a  champion ribbon in March at the Michigan Meat Producer's Association for their homemade hot dogs.

In April, Scott Meats also won an E Award as a 2017 Entrepreneur of Excellence in Muskegon County.   Craig has spent over 33 years building Scott Meats into what it is today. The number of customers that  are served each day, as well as the variety of items sold continue to increase each day.
Ryan Bertoia '01

I am the head Men's Basketball coach at Aquinas College. I spent 12 years coaching at various levels of college basketball starting at Muskegon Community College, then Olivet College and now Aquinas. My first 4 years at Aquinas I was the assistant, then this year our head coach retired and I coached the entire season under an interim basis. Now I am officially the head coach. We won 19 games and qualified for the NAIA national tournament. I currently live in Coopersville, MI with my wife Melissa and our 5 year old daughter Gabbriella (Gabby).
Lauren Eisenbarth '09
Lauren just passed her licensing exam and is now a LMSW, working for Wedgewood Christian Services as a substance abuse counselor for Muskegon County. She received her bachelors degree from Grand Valley and her master's degree in social work from the University of Michigan.

Kimberly Eisenbarth '11
Kaitlyn '11, Ryan '16, Lauren '09 and Kimberly '11 Eisenbarth
Kimberly graduated from Central Michigan with a bachelors degree in Recreational Therapy in May 2016. She works for Pine Rest as a therapist.

Kaitlyn Eisenbarth '11
Kaitlyn graduated with a bachelors degree in Allied Health and Respiratory Therapy from Grand Valley April 2017.

Ryan Eisenbarth '16
Ryan is a sophmore at Grand Valley State University majoring in Computer Science.
Jacob Holt '16
Nick '15, Cathi, Mike and Jacob '16 Holt

It was a great time being a student/athlete at Muskegon Catholic Central. All of the teachers there made learning enjoyable and tried to get all of their students engaged and to think at a much deeper level. Their hard work in the classroom prepared us for our college days of being able to prioritize, collaborate and study.

There is no question that Aquinas College is an academically challenging and rigorous college. However, I believe that I was taught and prepared to handle such challenges by the great teachers at MCC.  Although challenging; no college class has been overwhelming for me and I credit that fully to my high school teachers. This is proven daily when I see other students struggling with the same problems that are not difficult for me, and it is then that I know that MCC has truly prepared me.

Baseball was a lot of fun this year. I was able to play and start in the majority of the games we played. I enjoyed playing at the next level with other great players. My success on the field can, again, be contributed to MCC. It was not only the baseball program that prepared me for this year, but playing football has taught me how to listen to coaches like Coach Mike Ribecky '73 and adapt to how they want me to go about my approach to hitting and fielding. The baseball program with Coach Steve Schuitema has taught me a lot, as well. I was able to bring some of the coaching points that Coach Rick Murray '81, Coach Mike Robillard*, and my dad had been teaching me over the past 4 years. I appreciate all the instruction and sacrifice to detail that all of these coaches have given me over the years to prepare to succeed at the next level.

Playing against my brother for the first time was a little weird. For roughly the past 13 years I had him on  my team, but this year it changed and we were in opposing dugouts. He did not pitch against us, so I did not go up against him. We found each other before the game and talked about how our respective seasons were going and caught up a little, since it was the first time we were apart for our entire life for an extended period of time. I had a lot of fun playing those games and I am looking forward to doing it in the next couple of years.

I am currently in the Athletic Training program at Aquinas College and I am planning on going to a Physical Therapy school after I get my Athletic Training degree. I am also interested in becoming a professional athletic trainer for a sports team.

Check out www.muskegoncatholic.org under the Alumni Tab.
Alumni Class

Sharyn Beauchamp & James Jeske '99  on August 20, 2016.

Stefanie Gilbert '04 & Howard Manuel on May 27, 2017.

Joy Burke & Dave Zagar '04 on June, 10, 2017.

Tina Ogranaj & John Jeske '07 on May 28, 2017.

Lauren Spoelstra & Kurt Paquin '08 on April 29, 2017.
Bridget (Salisz) '10 & John Ehlich, a boy, Jameson Warner on October 19, 2016.

A list of Alumni owned businesses is available on the MCC website here.
MCC logo
Thomas Plymale '54
Robert "Bob" Cathcart '56
Priscilla (Duff) Gross '60
Margaret "Peggy" (Lipps) Lipps-LeLoff '60
Edward Chartrand '62
JoAnn (Biesiada) Krukowski '62
Irvin Paul LeMieux '62
Frances (Caffery) Sheffer '62
Joan (Windberg) Strange '64
Susan (Christian) Kohley '71
Joe Schiltz '96
Mr. Greg Earnest (former teacher & coach)
If you know of an alumnus that has passed, please let us know here.
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Currently, there is 1 section available!  Additonal cases will be built and installed as we have sponsors.  Each section has it's own plaque.  Thank you to all of our generous sponsors who have brought additional pride to the Crusader Hall of Fame! 

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These cases have replaced lockers that have gone unused
 for d ecades in the  Hall of Fame.  Trophies that have been in storage have now  come back out display!
If you are interested in sponsoring a
 case, contact Melanie at 231-291-0348 or mlyonnais@muskegoncatholic.org for more information.
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