I’m emailing you personally today to let you know about some exciting news here at ICIJ!

At the Golden Globes Awards ceremony in Los Angeles tonight, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced it would donate $1 million to ICIJ and the Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ).

We are extremely grateful to the press association for its kindness to the ICIJ and its support of CPJ.
This marks the first time in the Golden Globes’ 75-year history that a donation has been announced during the live broadcast. 

“Being an association of journalists,” said the press association’s president Meher Tatna, “we are keenly aware of its importance, especially today.” 

Truth is under attack – economically and politically – and now is the time to defend it

We’ll use this money to support the investigative journalism you know us for – bringing accountability on a global scale.

Our unique style of collaborative journalism, which brings together giant teams of journalists worldwide, allows us to do this in ways never seen before.

This generous donation will allow us to bring scrutiny to repressive and dangerous regimes and to systems designed to channel more and more of the world's resources into the hands of the rich and powerful. It will help us serve the public’s need for openness and transparency.

I encourage you to share this news with your friends and continue to support collaborative cross-border journalism like ours.

Thank you again to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Here’s to more support like this!

Thank you,

Gerard Ryle
ICIJ director

Here’s to more support like this!

Thank you,

G erard Ryle
ICIJ director
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