January 2017




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2015-2016 Board of Directors

President - Phil Lee 

President Elect - Cathy Little 

Past President - John Helms 

Secretary - Cathy Little

Treasurer - Janine Wilson

Legislation - Patrick Burns 

Media Relations - Patrick Burns 

New Membership - Pat Hennessy

Membership Retention - Sue Wakamoto-Lee 

CAHUPAC - Hazel Bright 

HUPAC - Hazel Bright 

Hospitality - Kenneth Coker 

Education/Programs - Ron Huppert 

Awards - Casey Stratmeyer

Communications - Kevin Roberts

Foundation - Linda Rose Koehler

Member at Large -Mitzy Russom



Board Meetings are held monthly, 2nd Wednesdays @ 9:00 am. Please contact for information

For Board member contact information, visit

President's Message to GGAHU Members

Thank you for being a member of this association.  Surviving the trials of the ACA together has drawn us even closer.  We are truly a professional family.

The role of the Broker has expanded and been elevated far beyond our traditional roles.  We are expected to be knowledgeable not only in benefits and health insurance, but also in tax, HR, legislation and politics.  It seems that brokers are the only true remaining advocates for consumers and businesses.  We are often the last line of defense for clients who are confounded by carrier and exchange errors, poor service, delays and systems malfunctions.

Since brokers are the ones who deal with the day to day issues afflicting consumers as well as employers and employees, we are the ones in the best position to offer solutions on how things should change.  Through the hard work and financial support of the members and leaders of NAHU, CAHU and our chapters, brokers have become a much more potent and respected group - sought after and listened to by the public, legislators and regulators, in Sacramento as well as Washington DC.  NAHU's credibility and respect is at an all time high.  HUPAC is now a million dollar PAC.  It would be hard for any legislator to ignore us.

Because we will be called upon for our expertise, we need to make sure that we continue our professional education, keep up with technology and above all, keep ourselves at the highest ethical level.

For these reasons, 2017 is looking to be the most important year for us to show up at the NAHU Capitol Conference on Feb. 13th to learn and to have our collective voices heard by lawmakers.  You may participate by going to Washington.  If not, you may participate by responding to NAHU and CAHU with your top five list of health care reform & repeal ideas.

I'm truly honored to be a part of this association and this professional family.  I look forward to working with you all during this exciting year.  Since action is taking place at a furious pace, we will endeavor to communicate with you more often than we have in the past.

Please don't hesitate to email or call me ( 925-284-2000 x101) if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Respectfully yours,

Phil Lee
GGAHU President
NAHU LIVE Video Broadcast
by Hazel Bright and Phil Lee

On December 1, GGAHU hosted a video webcast by Janet Trautwein, NAHU's CEO which provided an in depth review of national election results and what brokers could expect 2017.
What we found most impressive was the amount of information and resources Janet talked about and the relationships that NAHU has built with Washington, DC.
Trautwein's Broadcast was followed by an insightful analysis of the California elections by Pat Burns, GGAHU's Legislative & Media Chair, as well as CAHU's VP of Corporative Affairs.
This event, held at the Lafayette Library Community Hall, gave members valuable insights to take back to their clients - proprietary information that simply could not be found anywhere else.

HUPAC (NAHU Political Action Committee)
by Hazel Bright

This is the time to consider contributing to HUPAC.  NAHU is your voice in Washington and will be providing the necessary knowledge and expertise to our legislators in their effort to repeal and replace the ACA.

It's easy to give to HUPAC:  www.hupac you can set up your contribution online.  Now is the time to support your career, your clients' interests and be part of the change.  You can also contact Hazel Bright, HUPAC Chair for GGAHU at .  Be happy to provide information on HUPAC and answer questions on HUPAC.

Thank you to all those members who contributed to HUPAC, which surpassed the million dollar mark at the end of 2016, making NAHU one of the most effective grassroots lobbying organization in Washington.
You Tube Video -- CAHU's Legislative Advocate, Mike Belote

by Ryan Neace

Check out this illuminating VIDEO with CAHU's Legislative Advocate Mike Belote, Esq.
The November elections were critical to the health of our State.

This past year was particularly critical because of changes in California's legislative term limits. Since legislators can now serve up to 12 years in the same house, these election results will impact the legislative landscape for the next 12 years.

Despite CAHU PAC achieving a success rates above 90% (on issues and legislators that we supported), California Democrats in the Assembly still managed to regain their two-thirds supermajority. However, they did not achieve this bullet-proof majority in the Senate, where they now hold a simple majority.

Going forward, a strong CAHU PAC will help us to successfully demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellness needs of California constituents, by providing critical resources to illustrate the pro's and con's of particular bills and initiatives that impact our state.

Catharine Baker Fundraiser

GGAHU Board members Phil Lee and John Helms (along with family) attended a fundraiser event for Assemblywoman Catharine Baker held at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum.

Assemblywoman Catharine Baker is a good friend of GGAHU and CAHU.  Our members have been supporting her in our local communities: Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore.

When Assemblywoman Baker was first elected 2 years ago, it was an unprecedented turnover that deprived the dominant party of the two-thirds supermajority vote which they had been enjoying in passing bills through the Assembly without fear of having to compromise.

This November, despite Baker's successful re-election, the dominant party regained its supermajority by taking other seats in S. Calif.
Assemblywoman Baker honored our chapter by speaking at the GGAHU Sales Symposium in Sept.
AMAZING Media Coverage of CEO Janet Trautwein 

For those members who missed it, during the weeks leading up to the elections, NAHU and Janet Trautwein were mentioned and quoted by 3 major Media outlets.

Our CEO has been busy promoting NAHU, which has paid off with top-tier media coverage. Janet was quoted in the
New York Times and in a Fox News article on the instability of the individual market. And, on last night's segment of The Kelly File , Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly interviewed Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (who played a major role in the creation of the ACA) on rising premiums and the mass exodus of insurance carriers from the exchange. Megyn referenced Janet's quote in the NYT on the instability of the individual market. 
"You are the architect of the law, sir," Kelly noted. 
"You said it was going to be stable, and what we're hearing today 
from the chief executive of the National Association of Health Underwriters is:
In many states, the individual market is 'in a shamble.'"
CAHU Health Care Summit
GGAHU members attended this 3 day CAHU conference in Universal City that featured a Casino night, a CAHU PAC reception, Exhibition Hall, technology presentations, education day, motivational speakers, carrier panel and legislative updates.

GGAHU's own Board member and Legislative Chair, Pat Burns, was honored at the CAHU Health Care Summit with the William T. Robinson/M. Lloyd Baum Spirit of Freedom and Legislative Excellence Award

GGAHU's former Board Chair and current CAHU President, Rick Coburn, was awarded the Robert K. Shepler Membership Award for Outstanding Membership Recruiter.

GGAHU was awarded the Outstanding Chapter Membership Growth Award for the second year in a row. 
GGAHU was also awarded the Outstanding Membership Retention Award for the second year in a row.

CAHU President Rick Coburn with CAHU Executive Board.

Juli Broyles of Cal Advocates, CAHU's lobbyist, was presented with an emotional video of warm wishes and appreciation by CAHU members upon her recovery from surgery.

Covered California's Kirk Whelan and Shawn Balsdon were exhibitors and participants at the Summit.

Silicon Valley AHU President John Bobincheck with fellow attendees.

CAHU Immediate Past President, Michael Lujan, moderating at the Summit. 
GGAHU Sales Symposium
This event featured California Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, NAHU's Janet Trautwein and Don Goldmann.

At the Sales Symposium, GGAHU Board Chairs, Cathy Little, Janine Wilson, Pat Burns and Hazel Bright received awards and appreciation gift for the outstanding work that they contributed to the association.

NorCal Senior Medicare Summit
by Hazel Bright

All three Bay Area Chapters:  SAHU, SVAHU and GGAHU joined forces and presented the 2nd annual Medicare Summit.  We had full attendance with over 100 registered guests, gathered to hear the latest information on Medicare, regulations and the role of the agent.  We had four different breakout sessions and Don Goldmann gave a legislative update, specifically to the Medicare Market.  There was a carrier panel with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of CA, Aetna, United Healthcare and Care First.  Working in a fairly regulated market, it was helpful to hear the carriers position on their marketing efforts and commissions.  What was most revealing, sitting through the various presentations, is how complicated Medicare can be.  There are the current Medicare rules and regulations to know and there are the new regulations that are being discussed to affect Medicare.   Agents also heard some shocking stores of seniors victimized by opaque and often inflexible Medicare Advantage rules such as "Seamless Conversion".  Agents need to know about Medicare, there are more and more employees choosing to work beyond age 65, and the agent, employer and employee need to know their options and the regulations governing Medicare.

For the 2017 Medicare Summit scheduled for Aug., we hope to develop a program that serves the agent new to Medicare and also a program that can provide a deeper dive into some Medicare subjects for those Medicare Senior agents that have a firm understanding of Medicare. 

NAHU Region 8 Conference, Orange County
GGAHU members attended this conference in Orange County, where they received training sessions on Legislative action, PAC, Awards, Board Leadership, Professional Development and Media.
GGAHU Board Members Rick Coburn, Pat Burns, Linda Rose Koehler contributed to the event by leading and conducting training sessions for the participating  board members from the dozens of chapters in the Western States.
New Member Orientation and 4th Quarter Social Mixer

Holiday Celebration and Member Social

GGAHU would like to acknowledge and thank the following members who contributed generously to our State and National PAC'S:
GGAHU CAHU PAC Contributors 2015-2016

Sharon Ashby
Tina Baumgartner
Sue Breedlove
Christiane Broner
Hazel Bright
Patrick Burns
Lynn Caffrey
Colleen Callahan
Simon Chew
Richard Coburn
Kenneth Coker
Bob Copeland
Rebecca Canova
Michael Epstein
John Helms
Paula Heckler
Patrick Hennessy
Bob Herzog
Rosemarie Hines
Kym Hopwood
James Holt
Linda Rose Koehler
Lois Kubota
Philip Lee
Jennifer Lapava
Jennifer Lisanti
Cathy Little
Ken Ruotolo
Mitzy Russom
Casey Stratmeyer
Lisa Trapani

GGAHU HUPAC Contributors 2016

John Baskett
Sue Breedlove
Hazel Bright
Patrick Burns
Colleen Callahan
Timothy Cerimele
Richard Coburn
Kenneth Coker
Bob Copeland
Dawn Fairbanks
Paula Heckler
John Helms
James Holt
Ron Huppert
Linda Rose Koehler
Phil Lebherz
Philip Lee
Cathy Little
Martin Mackin
Kevin Roberts
Ken Ruotolo
Casey Stratmeyer
Sue Wakamoto-Lee
Janine Wilson
William Wong

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