January/February 2016






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2015-2016 Board of Directors

President - John Helms

President Elect - Phil Lee 

Past President - Hazel Bright

Secretary - Cathy Little

Treasurer - Janine Wilson

Legislation - Colleen Callahan

Media Relations - Colleen Callahan

New Membership - Pat Hennessy

Membership Retention - Pat Hennessy

PAC-HUPAC - Phil Lee

Sponsorship - Hazel Bright

Hospitality - Jennie Lapava

Education/Programs - Rom Huppert 

Awards - Casey Stratmeyer

Communications - Kevin Roberts

Foundation - Linda Rose Koehler

Members at Large - Pat Burns, Rick Coburn, Mitzy Russom



Board Meetings are held monthly, 2nd Wednesdays @ 9:00 am. Please contact for information

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Tis the Season 
By John Helms, President
As an agent, December has always been a special month. Aside from the holidays which are special in themselves, it is a time when everything winds down. At some point there is nothing more we can do but wrap up the last few cases and leave the rest for next year. When I had fewer clients, I would pass out gifts and personally thank everyone. It is a pleasure to talk for once about something other than business. In years gone past, absolutely nobody wanted to talk about insurance between Christmas and New Year's so that was the time when I would just relax and reflect on the previous year, good and bad, and then make plans for the next.
Like some quaint Norman Rockwell picture, those Decembers of years gone past seem like an idealized distant memory now. Not only do we have a whole year's worth of activity crammed into the 4
th quarter, but the end of the year now drags on until February or March. I can say with absolute certainty, that this has been the busiest time in my 30 year career. And while it is better than the alternative, the stress and pressure wears on everyone.
All that having been said, this is truly the time to remember what is important. Whatever your faith or how you celebrate the holidays, it is still time to give thanks and remind ourselves why we keep doing what we do. In spite of all the challenges, this year wasn't really so bad and hopefully the next will be better.
California Association of Health Underwriters Health Care Summit, September 29 & 30, 2015

Golden Gate chapter board members receiving the CAHU award for Outstanding Local Chapter for Membership Growth at the CAHU Summit at the Sheraton, Universal City. L-R Linda Rose Koehler, John Helms, Rick Coburn, Phil Lee, Pat Burns.

Group Carrier panel moderated by CAHU President Michael Lujan  (at podium) discussed and revealed operational issues as well as policies and procedures related to upcoming 4 th quarter renewals. Brokers were concerned about carriers being able to cope with the deluge of renewals. Senior representatives from each of the major carriers discussed their preparation, plans and timeline.

CAHU's Legislative Advocate, Juli Broyles, reviewed current legislation impacting agents. 
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