At Golden Seeds, we are full of admiration for our many operating companies who make difficult decisions every day, often with incomplete information.  They need to respond quickly, while at the same time examining their options.  Many of our readers are entrepreneurs or those who actively support and invest in them, including the 300+ Golden Seeds members who have moved swiftly to support our companies. We are learning that there are heroic measures by many and multiple silver linings. Our deepest gratitude to those who support our mission of funding and enabling women-led companies.

Below, see an article written by Golden Seeds Managing Partner Peggy Wallace about lessons learned in the last recession that can be applied today.  And see a summary of an excellent presentation by Dr. Joanna Massey about coping with five generations in today’s workplace.

We are proud to share three recent blogs about Golden Seeds companies.  Consortia Health is a Texas-based company focusing on women’s health. Terecircuits is a Silicon Valley company transforming the landscape for electronics manufacturing. Madorra is a medical device company in Oregon focusing on women’s health.  

Wishing you good health in this difficult time.
Lessons From the Last Recession and How to Prepare For the Uncertain Times Ahead

Bridging the Gaps: How to Cope with Five Generations in Today’s Workplace

L to R: Managing Partner Loretta McCarthy and Dr. Joanna Massey
During this uncertain time of a global pandemic and economic downtown, we look to lessons learned from the last recession on how to weather this storm.

 Recently, Dr. Joanna Massey joined us at a Golden Seeds event and shared insights about managing five generations in one workplace.

How did she do it? A Q&A with Jayna Sheats, CTO of Terecircuits

This startup has developed a process that completely transforms the landscape for electronics manufacturing, resulting in smaller, thinner and lighter devices, with faster and less expensive design cycles.

How did she do it? A Q&A with Holly Rockweiler, CEO and Co-Founder of Madorra

Madorra has created an innovative medical device for in-home treatment of vaginal dryness.

How did she do it? A Q&A with Lauren West, COO of Consortia Health

Read about Consortia H ealth, a women's health company that is helping physicians and patients with pelvic floor disorders.

The early-stage investment firm with a focus on women leaders

Golden Seeds pursues investment returns through the empowerment of women entrepreneurs and those who invest in them. We offer an environment in which exciting women-led businesses receive capital and connections to grow and successfully exit.  The group is headquartered in New York City, with active chapters in Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, New Jersey, and Silicon Valley. One of the largest angel networks in the United States, Golden Seeds has more than 300 members and has a relationship with three funds with committed capital of $40 million. In total, Golden Seeds has invested nearly $130 million in 185 companies. We aim to achieve market returns for our investors while at the same time creating lasting impact.

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