June 2019
Climate Warriors

Executive Director Jordan DIamond, Climate Program Director Ethan Elkind, and Faculty Director Dan Farber
CLEE was featured in Berkeley Law's most recent issue of Transcript Magazine as a pivotal leader in environmental policy. Positioned in a state with the fifth largest economy in the world and at a school with rich academic and forward-thinking history, CLEE is in a unique position to tackle the world's pressing environmental challenges. 

As quoted in the article, CLEE Executive Director Jordan Diamond '08 says:

"California is a laboratory. We have a chance to test new policies and approaches here, see if they work, what they can achieve, and what needs to be tweaked - and then provide a model for other jurisdictions. We're positioned perfectly to help accelerate the climate action we so desperately need."

As Faculty Director Dan Farber notes in the article, CLEE was founded in 2005 to fulfill the need for a centralized academic body that could bring together professionals, academics, and students. In addition to policy research,  CLEE and Berkeley Law's Environmental Law Clinic (ELC) aim to give students the tools they need to become the next generation of environmental leadership. 

The article features some of Berkeley Law's passionate students who are dedicated to environmental and energy law. Read about our students' accomplishments in the full article and in Transcript's complementary feature " Students Take the Climate Wheel." 

Looking Ahead
A Snapshot of 2019

Curious what CLEE accomplished this past year and what we're working on in 2019? Our 2019 Snapshot reviews our work in 2018 and previews our ongoing projects. 

In 2018, we continued to examine how California can pioneer pragmatic climate solutions from sustainable freight to reducing vehicle emissions, analyzed Recharge Net Metering as an incentive for groundwater recharge, and explored the intersection of ocean governance and climate change. 

In 2019, we are examining challenges associated with the electric vehicle supply chain, piloting a water rights information system, and mapping out the potential future of California offshore wind. We're also launching the Climate Risk Initiative, which aims to investigate how the insurance and financial sectors are at risk due to climate change, and how policy can promote industry innovation and sustainable investments. 

Read about these projects and how you can engage in these efforts in the 2019 Snapshot

Left to right: Holly Doremus; Thuy Vu, Sen. Scott Wiener, and Ethan Elkind; Dave Jones. 
Free Webinar
Low Income, High Efficiency

Join us on Thursday, June 20, 10:00 - 11:00 am to discuss and celebrate the release of our new report, Low Income, High Efficiency. Our free webinar will feature
  • California Energy Commissioner Andrew McAllister
  • Peter Armstrong, Wakeland Housing
  • Martha Campbell, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Ethan Elkind, CLEE
  • Ted Lamm, CLEE
Improving the energy performance of existing buildings will be key to achieving California's efficiency and greenhouse gas emission goals. But low-income, multifamily buildings face some of the greatest obstacles, including difficult access to capital, complex financing arrangements, and competing renovation needs. Our new report discusses policy and program reforms to help increase access to energy efficiency measures in these buildings. 

CLEE is dedicated to developing pragmatic policy solutions to critical environmental and energy challenges, and to supporting the education of tomorrow's leaders in this field. If you would like to support these efforts, please consider making a one-time or recurring donation through  our giving portal.