June 2018

June 2018 Newsletter
As the Seasons Change

As we have said farewell to our dear Executive Director, Diane Yoder, and transition into a new chapter of leadership, we carry on her legacy of looking toward the future with promise and hope! One phrase that has been especially present for me in this past month of transition has been this...

"God remains faithful in every change."

I am thankful every day for the ways in which I see God being faithful in our Goldensun community. Our members are happy and healthy and are pursuing activities that bring them fulfillment and joy. Our staff come to work every day with loving hearts and caring spirits. Our families and community members provide support in so many ways. We are blessed!

We currently have a transition leadership team in place to continue carrying forward the mission of Goldensun, while also providing time for discernment of future position needs.

We are gearing up for a fun and busy summer at Goldensun with member vacations, trips to camp, Special Olympics swimming, and many pool days to look forward to!

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for Goldensun.

Blessings to you,

Kristin Yoder, Director
Upcoming Events
Monthly Potluck

Please join us on Tuesday, June 5th for our monthly potluck!

Where: Trinity Church Fellowship Hall
When: 6pm

All are welcome to enjoy fellowship, food and games with the Goldensun community!
Sharing the Blessing
Goldensun has recently partnered with Hospitality Services Center to use the Goldensun bus to serve our wider community.

Volunteer drivers from Trinity Mennonite Church use the bus on Sunday mornings to pick up residents of Glencroft Retirement Center who need transportation in order to attend Sunday morning services at Trinity.
A Glimpse into the Life at Goldensun
One goal of Goldensun is to support independent living skills of our members. Examples of this include hosting a holiday BBQ, preparing meals and helping to care for our vehicles.
Donation Requests
Here at Goldensun it has become part of our goal to become more sustainable. We are asking for items that will help us achieve this goal such as:

  • reusable grocery bags
  • reusable water bottles

These small donations will help our members have a positive impact on the environment.

Contact the office 623-234-3516, or e-mail Kristin (goldensundo@gmail.com) if you'd like to donate!
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