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SAM Certified Putting Instructor Level 1
SAM Case Greetings!

Spring is flying by and it's time to plan!  I'm happy to offer SAM PuttLab Training Days for coaches / PGA Professionals / USGTF Instructors who use or are exploring use of our state of the art putting analysis equipment.

Please read on below and let me know how I can help you to expand your business reach.

Glen Coombe
The Putting Doctor
SAM combo
 & SAM Certified Putting Instructor Level 1 courses

If you've recently added a SAM PuttLab to your learning environment you know the depth of detail in the analysis software aside from the operational details of the hardware and software. 

If a new SAM PuttLab is not quite in the budget you can still take advantage of a training day for your staff and students.  I'm happy to offer daily fee services, or as I call it "Have SAM Will Travel." 

Full days of SAM PuttLab training and analysis are always a hit.  Recently in a single training day we performed 24 individual SAM sessions with 3 new SAM Coaches at a private club.  By days end each new instructor had seen a wide variation in strokes and had a solid footing re interpretation of the SAM results as well as hands on operational expertise.

SAM training days can elevate your summer camp experience as well as provide training for staff in both analysis and operation of the SAM PuttLab.

SAM Certified Putting Instructor - Looking for locations  

SAM Certified Putting Instructor Level 1 programs are available and we are looking for locations for our Spring / Summer 1 day sessions.  If you would like to host a Level 1 at your facility please let me know.  A minimum of 5 candidates are required for each certification event.  The successful completion of the Level 1 program will allow you to display your accreditation as well as to be included on the Science & Motion Sports web site listing of instructors.  Cost per candidate is just $495. Call or email me for details.


The "Holly Grail" of golf is the knowledge of where your ball is going.  On the putting surface it is surprising how few golfers actually understand the base knowledge of green reading and how gravity, friction and pace work in their favor.

Now the base of knowledge originally published in 1984 is available to golfers of all ability levels.  In a fast paced one hour clinic golfers learn to identify exactly how much break to allow for each and every putt.  Vector says, "We do the math, YOU make the putts!"

Each student who attends a Vector Green Reading Clinic receives a Vector Green Book which allows them to calculate the precise aim point from any distance up to forty feet from the hole.

As the first eastern USA certified Vector Putting Instructor I'm happy to launch this new service to you and your students.  You too can become certified to teach this game changing skill.  Contact me for more details and start making everything.  

FocusBand, the wireless EEG for focus training has evolved since its early release two years ago.  Now a new graphical interface is available making FocusBand a more intuitive experience for both coach and student-athlete.


We are redefining the pre-shot routine for golf with FocusBand.  


The graphic left shows lack of focus, high anxiety and left brain (conscious control).  This is where too many golfers try to play golf from.  When you consider the conscious brain being capable of only 40 commands per second vs. the non-conscious ability of up to 11,000,000 commands per second it is no wonder that when golfers "play out of their minds" they achieve results exceeding all expectations.
Quiet Eye

In the graphic right the golfer has used quiet eye (purple beam) to activate the switch from conscious to non-conscious referred to as Mushin. (deepblue - right brain) or "The Zone."  Focus has narrowed and the golfer is ready to execute to the best of their ability. 
The use of the audio and video components built into FocusBand allows the golfer to train with their coach and to intuitively create the feel of focus, the switch to non-conscious and to execute a putting stroke or full swing without hesitation. 
Completely wireless up to 35-40 feet the FocusBand allows the coach to help student-athletes to learn to perform in real world golf course situations. 
If golf is 80-90% mental are you prepared to help your students to achieve the highest levels of success?  Until now all psychological training has been conceptual in nature. Now with FocusBand you can quantify your students understanding of the state of mind required to execute from the mind of a champion. 
The new FocusBand is shipping now and we have a limited number of clinics available with Henry Boulton from FocusBand.  Henry will be in the USA from Australia late in May through early June. You can sponsor a FocusBand Clinic and have your new FocusBand delivered at the event. 
Call me know for details on how you can become the next great practitioner of "Mental Pre-Shot Training" with FocusBand. 


Since 1993 The Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson and MBGP Experience clinics have enjoyed 100% success!  Why? Because students who adopt the focused practice routine of the copyrighted lesson plan / clinic enjoy an average of four strokes in handicap reduction.

Using sound educational methodology of blocked and random practice combined with Quiet Eye techniques golfers are equipped with a new approach to the scoring side of the game.  A four week commitment to re-experience what is learned in the MBGPE clinic creates a learning environment at your facility. 

Each student receives my detailed book recounting the clinic with color photos of the experience setups.  They also receive a Putting Doctor Training Aide for setup and practice at home or on the practice green. 

Schedule your event now by calling 888-844-2322.

X2 Flightscope
FlightScope Radar For Golf

For collegiate teams FlightScope offers the latest in radar for club and ball tracking.  FlightScope is the leader in radar technology having roots in ballistics tracking for the military.

A complete collegiate proposal is yours for the asking.  Just email me at .  I'll be happy to send you the very latest information.

FlightScope X2 & X2 Complete can be operated from any smart phone using Android or iOS including iPad. This makes taking it with you as easy as one button setup with X2 Complete and this models self leveling setup.

The FlightScope Skills Testing application is fully customizable for distances so that your range or any range can accommodate the real world environment you need to assess your student-athletes ability and progress.   
One, two and three day schedules are available to accommodate one or more of the technologies outlined above.  I'm happy to say the I'm possessed with a desire to help golfers / coaches / PGA Professionals to improve the scoring side of the game of golf. 

Contact me now for more information.
Glen Coombe
The Putting Doctor