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August 2022


Your source for news, stories and education related to increasing participation of people with disabilities in the game of golf.

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The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is the industry leader in inclusion— working to ensure the opportunity for all individuals with disabilities to play the game of golf and is represented by major golf, recreation and therapeutic organizations across the country

National Alliance Update

Pinehurst Was Poppin'! By Dave Barton, PGA - I’ve been to Pinehurst a few times and never have I headed home disappointed … especially this time. In past experiences, I have gone to play golf. This time, I went to watch golf; more specifically, the inaugural USGA U.S. Adaptive Open. This, however, does not mean I did not sneak into town a day or so early to remind myself how badly I need to practice. I was swiftly reminded. Read More

Golfer Spotlight - Dennis Walters

By Rich O'Brien: Preface - On July 26th, we celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disability Act. This article is dedicated to everyone battling an injury, illness, or challenge.

Dennis Walters was a very promising young golfer. In 1967, he won three major New Jersey state junior championships. He earned a golf scholarship at North Texas State University where he was competitive against the likes of Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Lanny Wadkins, Curtis Strange, Bruce Lietzke, Jim McLean and Andy North...He started dreaming of playing on the PGA Tour and at the age of 24 he narrowly missed his opportunity to qualify at Q School.  Read More

Coach and Program Focus


Birdies and Smiles

Kevin Corn, PGA

52 weeks per year, 11 years, over 5000 kids, and still going strong! Please take a few minutes and read the latest from Kevin Corn, PGA Head golf Professional, Innsbrook Resort, Missouri and and the amazing program at the Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital.  As one junior golfer said, "I'm tired and done, but I had fun and want to play golf again! Read More

What is the Alamo City Fundraiser You May Ask?

Well, if you want to know, you better reach out to Colin, a 15 year old from San Antonio on a mission! As Colin states, “Golf is my passion, and I want everyone to have a chance to play, especially our military veterans with disabilities and Mobility challenges." Colin is working to raise money to help purchase a Paramobile for the San Antonio PGA Hope and Fairways for Warriors programs in San Antonio. . If interested, you can get more information and show your support HERE

Coaching Tip of the Month

Instructing Blind Golfers

Consideration and Techniques

By Trevor Hazen, PGA

Program Director, The Turn

Providing instruction to blind golfers for the first time can be an intimidating experience for any golf instructor. Understanding a few specific considerations and techniques can help make the lesson experience more effective and more enjoyable for both the student and teacher. When working with a blind golfer, the first step is to determine if they have been blind from birth or if they had vision and then lost their vision. Just like any other golf lesson our next step is to determine which way our student learns best. Is it auditory, visual or kinesthetic? Most blind golfers will rely the most upon auditory and kinesthetic learning but those who previously had vision may benefit from presenting them visuals through verbal description.  Read More

Access and Inclusion in the News


Have You Listed Your Program So Golfers Can Find You?

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf offers the opportunity to list your inclusive golf programs around the country to help individuals with disabilities in their search for programs, events or facilities in their area, as well as provide a resource for those interested in starting a new program. There are no charges for this service!

Click HERE to get your program listed today!

Thank you to our golf industry friends and supporters who contribute in so many ways to our mission of increasing participation of individuals with disabilities in the game of golf.

Please contact our Executive Director,, if you and/or your company are interested in helping us further enhance our educational and resource offerings as well as generating grant funds to distribute to programs across the country. 

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