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February 2023


Your source for news, stories and education related to increasing participation of people with disabilities in the game of golf.

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The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is the industry leader in inclusion— working to ensure the opportunity for all individuals with disabilities to play the game of golf and is represented by major golf, recreation and therapeutic organizations across the country.

MGYT Phase IV Grant Application Deadline is Friday, March 3, 2023

Golf program leaders! We encourage you to check out the application criteria and apply via the below link. Per the American Golf Industry Coalition, "A grassroots golf program is defined as a charitable organization or program dedicated to increasing golf participation among those who are underrepresented in the sport, such as: Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous communities, as well as women, LBGTQ+ individuals, veterans, and individuals with disabilities." To date, "... $1.05 million has been awarded to 155 organizations since May 2021." Visit!

Communication is Key to Providing a Welcoming Environment


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Every step, big or small, can make a difference in the message of accessibility and inclusion. The “Access Flag” versus a “handicap flag” simply represents a new, and more appropriate way to communicate and show a commitment to support the inclusion of golfers with disabilities at your club. Proceeds from the sale of these flags will go directly to the Alliance to further support its mission of access and inclusion.  

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There’s No Time Like the Present For 

Your Course to Become More Accessible

By Rich O'Brien - In recent years, golf has been experiencing a boom with tens of millions of Americans having used golf as therapy during and following the Covid pandemic. In 2020, there were more than 502 million rounds played in the United States. Read More

Programs in Focus

The Neurodiverse Family Haven - Alaska

By Jenn Bozard - The Neurodiverse Family Haven (NFH) started with an idea in 2011 to help individuals with special abilities and provide a place that feels like a true home. This simple idea has now blossomed into a vision of empowering people of all abilities to grow and explore their highest potential by instilling belief and increasing confidence...

Building on the discovery made while partnered with Gateway to the Arctic, Ray and Stephany Nadon bought a golf course called Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in Wasilla, Alaska in 2020 to provide meaningful work for individuals with special abilities. Read More

A big shout out to James Cronk and Scott Masse from Golf Industry Guru who invited Executive Director Dave Barton, PGA from the National Alliance to speak with them just after the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, Fl and at the start of the week during the GCSAA Conference.

Check out their discussion below related to misconceptions about golf and inclusivity, challenges, opportunities, how to be more accessible and inclusive in your operations and the value of golf for individuals with disabilities as well as those who support these efforts.

Go GIG Nation! Listen Here

Does Your Course Provide an Accessibility Statement?

The National Alliance provides an Accessibility Statement “template” as a sample policy that may be adapted and used to publish your specific facility policies and help foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities. We encourage you to visit our RESOURCES and get started today. Communication is Job #1! Should you have any questions regarding the ADA and access to your facility, contact us at and we will be happy to assist!

Starting a Program for Individuals with Disabilities - A Checklist

Things to Consider for Success

By the Alliance: Are you thinking about starting a golf program to help individuals with disabilities learn to play golf? Perhaps you are a therapeutic specialist and want to incorporate golf into your treatment plan for your patients. You could also be a family member or a friend of an individual with a disability and a program such as this does not exist in your area and you are looking to facilitate that very effort? Whatever the reasons, it can be a fantastic journey for you, the instructors, the volunteers and most importantly, the golfers. But, there are some things you need to know to maximize your chances of success. Read More and Access the Checklist HERE

Access and Inclusion in the News

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Thank you to our golf industry friends and supporters who contribute in so many ways to our mission of increasing participation of individuals with disabilities in the game of golf.

Please contact our Executive Director,, if you and/or your company are interested in helping us further enhance our educational and resource offerings as well as generating grant funds to distribute to programs across the country. 

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