June 2018
I am pleased to include the following features in this month's newsletter:

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*Standard Bunker Shot
*Strackaline Green Reading
*My Favorite Lee Trevino Story
*Nicklaus Schooling Miller
*Student Of The Month
*FitGolf For Performance
*Short Game School


Scott Mahlberg PGA 
Standard Bunker Shot 

Many players have a hard time obtaining consistently good results out of the bunker. I believe this is because of a lack of understanding of how the club should be swung so the trailing edge of the club enters the club correctly rather than the leading edge.  Please see the video for a full explanation.  

Strackaline Green Reading

Many of you may have noticed how attentive PGA Tour players are to their yardage books when they are on the green. This is because they are looking at a green chart for the hole they are playing. The most popular charting process is from Strackaline. This process shows you the fall lines on the green and also will show you precisely how much break to play on your putts.
It is now available in the app store for your phone. Please watch the video for a demonstration for how this works. 
Lee Trevino
One of my favorite player-caddie stories involves Lee Trevino and his good friend/caddie Herman. Lee was having a tough week playing golf and he had just hit another poor shot. He looked at Herman and said "Herman, you must be the worst caddie in the world." Herman never missed a beat and said "that would be way too much of a coincidence."
Nicklaus Schooling Miller

Johnny Miller is seldom without words. Watch Jack showing Johnny how it is done.   
Student Of The Month

My Student Of The Month is Gene Walsh. Gene is a Masters Member. He recently shot 74 and qualified for the finals of the SCGA Senior Championship. Gene is a fine player and has been working hard on his game. He currently has a handicap of 1 at La Jolla Country club.  
Congratulations Gene. We hope you make it all the way through to the tournament.  
FitGolf Logo

Golfers Plank
Golfers Plank

Jeremy Klinkhamer is here to give the fitness tip of the month. This month's video shows you an exercise to help develop strength and also reinforce the proper sequence in your swing.

I have been working with Jeremy since 2000. I have sent many students to him to improve both their fitness and functionality. I have seen amazing results! The evidence is both in the way they feel and the improvement that has been shown in their golf games. You can reach Jeremy at jklinkhamer@fitgolf.com if you would like more information about what he offers.   
Short Game School

My next short game school will be given on Sunday, June 10th from 9:00 to noon. Chipping, pitching, pitching from the rough, sand shots and putting will be covered in this school. Each student will have their putting stroke computer analyzed in the putting studio. All students will also receive a short game school booklet that contains text and video for each shot covered. The maximum student to teacher ratio is 5:1 and the cost is $160. 

Please contact me at  smahlberg@sbcglobal.net if you are interested in attending.
Scott Mahlberg, PGA